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   Chapter 843 Kill Him Now

The Spoiled Girl By Elephant Characters: 8164

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Beryl climbed into the bed next to Tyron and gave him a concerned look. "Uncle, what's wrong with you? Are you sick?"

Tyron didn't have the heart to look into her innocent eyes and tell her the truth, so he nodded his head and answered, "Yes, I'm very ill so I need you to be obedient, okay?"

Beryl bobbed her head up and down. "Okay, I will be obedient."

She leaned in closer and whispered into his ear, "Grandma was acting so strange and scary just now!"

Tyron understood what she had meant so he attempted to play down her concerns. "Your grandma is also quite ill so please try to forgive her, okay? It's only because she misses your Mommy very much..."

'I miss her too...' he added in his mind.

Beryl nodded her head and said nothing more, even though she did not fully understand what Tyron m

had hurt Tyron only added more fuel to the fiery rage that was burning inside her.

Ever since the death of Sean, Carol always looked at Tyron as her own son. As a consequence, Carol's hatred for Jacob stemmed out of her love for Tyron.

Jacob smiled contemptuously and took out a box from his suitcase. "How about I make you a deal? I am going to show you something and then you can tell me whether it is worth my daughter's life or not, okay?"

Carol squinted her eyes to get a closer look on the box and suddenly she lapsed into a wide-eyed grimace of sheer white-knuckled terror. "Jacob! You bastard! How dare you! How dare you do that!"

What Jacob was holding in his hand was the urn for Sean and Cloris's ashes. The lily on the urn was carved by Carol so she could tell what it was at first sight.

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