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   Chapter 842 He Is Nothing But A Piece of Shit!

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"Help! Help! They have kidnapped Beryl!"

Not long after, Dylan ran back anxiously. "Please save Beryl! Hurry up!"

Everyone scrambled around, desperately searching for Beryl, but unfortunately, she was already gone.

Dylan's eyes were drained of all hopes and the guilt robbed him of self-esteem. "It is all my fault! I failed to keep Beryl safe! It was all because of my failure that those kidnappers were able to take her away!"

"But why did they only take Beryl?" David walloped Dylan on the back of his head and said, "Did you leave Beryl there alone while you escaped?

I do not see why they would only kidnap Beryl, especially since they could have taken you hostage for ransom as well."

"No, I didn't!" Dylan refuted out loud, "They were taking us both at first, but one of them got confused and mistook me for someone else, so they threw me out of the car. Dad, you have to believe me! I ran after the car but it was no use, so I came back for help as fast as I could!"

Everyone fell into deep thought. It was already clear to them that the kidnappers had come only for Beryl and the members of the Gu family only.

Nevertheless, Emily's mind was in a total mess while Jacob still struggled to keep calm. He reached out for help and had ordered his people to search the entire city for Beryl. "Dylan, did you remember what the car looked like? And do you remember what those people looked like? Tell us everything you know, okay?" Jacob asked gently.

Dylan took a step back, retraced his memories from the very beginning and told them everything he knew. His voice trembled and his breathing came in short gasps as he could not help himself from shedding tears. "Uncle Jacob, is Beryl going to be okay? I do not think I will be able to live with myself if something happens to her!"

Rita quickly grabbed his ear and twisted it. "What are you talking about? Don't be silly! Of course, Beryl will be fine!"

She turned to face Emily, who looked utterly devastated, and comforted, "Emily, don't be afraid. As long as their demands have not been granted, they will not hurt Beryl. We just need to know what on earth it is that they want, and then give it to them. Trust me! Everything will be fine."

David nodded his head in agreement. "Yes, Rita's right. There is no use panicking. I am sure they will contact us soo

onvince herself at this moment.

Beryl quickly ran to Tyron and hid behind him like a poor, helpless animal.

"Tyron, when did you wake up?" Carol found herself stammering incoherently. "I'm sorry. I did not want to hurt you, Beryl..."

Tyron noticed strong hints of mental instability in Carol's behavior, but he was too weak to do anything right now. "Why did you bring Beryl here?" he asked.

"Emily loves Beryl very much. When she finds out that her daughter is here, she is going to come running for sure..." said Carol.

"Yes, you are right, but... You are not in the right state of mind to take care of Beryl. Leave her at my care," he said in a weak voice.

"But how?" Carol's eyes reflected the puzzlement in her heart. "You are too weak. How can you take care of a child now in your condition? Please, leave her to me. I assure you, what you saw just now, will never happen again!"

"Auntie! Please take care of yourself first, please! Go and see the doctor..."

"I'm not sick! Why do I need to see the doctor?" she raved like a lunatic again. Carol's cracked voice reverberated like a clap of thunder, such was her rage.

Beryl quivered behind Tyron in fear, not knowing what to do and too scared to even think.

Tyron shook his head and called Alfred for help. "Uncle, please take care of her and do not let her do something she will come to regret later."

Tyron then took Beryl's hand and led her away from Carol.

Back in his room, Tyron seemed to have lost all his strength as he lay in bed, wheezing and gasping for air.

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