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   Chapter 841 It's Time To Uproot The Evil

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"Really?" Though she doubted the truth of his words, Emily still felt amused by his answer so she replied, "Okay, then this is all yours. You need to eat it all, okay?"

"Of course!" Jacob smiled gently at Emily. No matter how bad it really tasted, every dish which Emily made would always be the very best meal in the world for Jacob.

Jacob took the plate but suddenly a white shadow flashed through the air and broke the plate. "Bang!" The dish fell to the floor and shattered.

Frightened, Emily saw that it was a stray cat which was now eating the food from the ground.

Jacob's face darkened at seeing Emily's dish had been spoiled like this. "Where did that damn cat come from?" he scorned angrily.

A maid came forward gingerly and she almost knelt down upon meeting with Jacob's stern eyes. "Mr... Mr. Jacob, it's a stray cat that I picked up on the street. I'd planned to take it home this evening. I never thought that it would come out all of sudden. I'm so sorry..." she explained in a low voice.

Jacob was about to burst out in a fit of rage, but Emily quickly stopped him. "It's okay. Never mind. I will make some more food."

The maid felt so grateful to Emily that, as she looked at her, she said, "Thank you, ma'am. Thank you so much..."

Jacob swallowed his anger out of respect for Emily and did not punish the maid but warned, "Get that Goddamn stray cat away now! Or I promise to cook it for supper!"

Jacob was so angry with the cat!

'Emily has worked so hard to cook this dish for me only! How dare a stray cat come and eat it like this! On what grounds does it think itself worthy to eat my food? I am not even lucky enough to taste it! Damn it!' Jacob cursed silently.

"Yes, yes, sir. I will take it away right now..." The maid felt quite relieved knowing that she and the cat were not going to be punished today. However, she screamed in a low voice suddenly when she bent to pick up the cat and take it away.

Jacob started in fright at her sudden scream and intended to kick her out of the room then as he warned, "What the hell are you screaming at?!"

"The... The cat..." The maid's voice quivered as she pointed at the cat.

Emily looked where the maid was pointing and saw that the once lively stray cat was now lying in a crumpled heap on the floor and seemed to be dead.

She was frightened but stepping forward to check it for life.

us, but also dared to hurt Tyron so badly! So many people die every single day. But why can't you just die now!' she could not help cursing him in her blackened heart.

Tyron was still unconscious so Carol's world finally collapsed at the moment when she signed the critically ill notice for Tyron.

Back in Z country, Emily knew nothing about the things which had happened in D country. She was still caught up in a state of depression and fear over the poisoning, so she did not cook anymore. Paranoia set in, she became extra careful with their daily meals, fearing that something like that could happen again.

Jacob did not want Emily to always be so careful and strained. Therefore, he ordered a trusted subordinate to cook from now on. He hoped that Emily would be assured and could finally relax, which would be better for her health too.

Beryl knew nothing about the poisoning. She only knew that her mommy had finally given up on cooking, and that she could go back to have regular meals at home again.

It was only now that Emily realized how much Beryl had disliked her cooking. Actually, Emily had previously been an excellent cook, so she was puzzled why she had suddenly become so bad at it now.

As Beryl had regularly been eating meals at Dylan's home, Emily decided to invite Dylan and his parents over to have a meal at her home for a change.

After the meal, Emily and Rita were chatting in the living room while Beryl and Dylan ran out to play. Emily did not think too much of it and let them go.

However, no one could have known that something would happen...

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