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   Chapter 840 He Didn’t Deserve It

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 11016

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Hearing that Tyron intended to cover up what he had done, Jacob sneered, "Tyron, you have some nerve to even mention it! How shameless you are!"

Tyron was shocked and somehow had a suspicion that Jacob had already known the truth. He gathered his composure and attempted to justify his actions. "What do you mean by saying that? I don't understand!" he argued.

"Aha! You disguised yourself well. I guess you really won't confess your crimes until your last hope is gone. Do you truthfully want me to lay out your cards on the table?" Jacob asked coldly. He had originally wanted to wait for Tyron's confession but he didn't expect that Tyron would still attempt to cover up the truth. "You instructed those basters to kidnap Emily. Now you are pretending to be innocent to me!"

"What?" Emily asked, watching Tyron in disbelief. "Did you really do that to me?"

Tyron could see the mixed feelings of surprise, sorrow, disappointment, and anger which spilled from Emily's eyes. His lies were completely unmasked by Jacob in front of Emily. What would she think of him now? "Emily, listen to me. It's not like that. Please let me explain it to you!" he said anxiously.

Before Emily could reply Jacob interrupted him, "You really are an excellent plotter! You orchestrated the whole scheme and pretended to be an innocent man! Aha! Bravo! You kidnapped Emily and then pretended to be a hero by 'saving' her. Now you still refused to admit it! Tyron, look at you! How ridiculous you are! Do you think, by doing this, Emily would fall in love with you?"

'Yes! Of course! Emily would have been grateful to me and then fallen in love with me!' Tyron thought to himself.

He hated Jacob, the man who ruined everything which he had so elaborately planned. Everything had been going so well and according to his plan, and Emily had begun to rely on him, but it had all taken a bad turn now. If it wasn't for Jacob, he believed that Emily would have forgotten Jacob and soon fallen in love with him. He could even imagine the happy life which he and Emily could have had in the near future.

But Jacob's sudden appearance had reduced these pleasant thoughts to bubbles. Jacob was the great destroyer of his happiness.

Emily recalled every detail of these past few days and suddenly understood the whole story. "I see! Tyron, you have been lying to me! I can't believe that you are such a scumbag!" Emily said angrily.

Every word she said was like a knife stabbing right into Tyron's heart, making him feel an intense pain until he was almost out of breath. "Emily, I know I am wrong. Forgive me! I know what I have done is crazy. But...but it's all because I love you so much!" Tyron pled desperately.

Emily closed her eyes and then said coldly to him, "Tyron, wake up! It's not love. This is not love that you are thinking of. You are too selfish. The one you really love is not me but yourself. Maybe the reason you want to have me is just because you want to possess me. I didn't, don't, and won't ever love you. Are we clear? The only man I have ever, and will ever love in my whole life is Jacob. You'd better give up your illusion and stop these crazy attempts to win me over."

Emily's firm attitude was a massive blow to Tyron, whose body wobbled greatly, and he nearly fell do


But fortunately Jacob and Emily were destined to be together for their whole lives. So he had found Emily in time and therefore avoided any possible lasting bad results.

All Tyron did was to use his evil ways to cheat Emily. Compared to that shameless hypocrite, Jacob was now Emily's real savior.

Emily had been lying in bed for these past few days and she felt quite bored. In addition, the bad experiences kept haunting her. She wanted to be rid of those unhappy memories, so she planned to divert her attention by finding something to keep herself busy with. Finally, she decided to learn some new recipes and cook something different for Jacob and Beryl.

Jacob also hoped that Emily could walk out of the shadow, so he was delighted to see that she volunteered to try out some new recipes. He was the taster of her every new culinary creation and was always full of praise for it. The new meals didn't actually all taste so good, but Jacob stoically pretended to like them all and gobbled all of it up. He wanted Emily to be happy.

Emily didn't see through his good acting and believed his words easily. She smiled shyly at him every time he praised her cooking skills so profusely. She was encouraged to try even more new dishes.

However, it was hard for Beryl to swallow down these awful dishes and she often found excuses to go to Dylan's home and have lunch there.

One day, Beryl saw that Emily was cooking another new dish in the kitchen, so she hurried to sneak out of the house before Emily could notice her.

When Emily finished the dish and prepared to serve it at the table, she found that Beryl was gone. "Do you think Beryl has been avoiding me deliberately these last few days? She always visits Dylan at meal times. Is my cooking that bad? " Emily turned to Jacob and asked with a vulnerable tone in her voice.

"Of course not. Don't speak such nonsense, my dear," Jacob comforted her. "I told her that I wanted to enjoy your cooking alone. She was so considerate and wanted to leave enough space for us to spend lunch time together. Just you and me! Actually, she loves your meals very much. I promise we can share your cooking with her next time."

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