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   Chapter 839 Emily Was Found

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The subordinates which Jacob commanded were quite capable. Furthermore, Jacob had spent much of his time abroad and built a strong power base. With these assets at his disposal they were soon able to track Emily to the villa of Tyron.

"Well, well, well. You dare to lie to me, Tyron! Since the evidence is now firm, I'm sure he can't deny it any longer."

After Jacob heard the report from his subordinates, he hurried to the Fang family's villa without any hesitation and instructed his employees to surround the villa while he went inside.

While Tyron was still struggling with formulating a plan to keep Emily with him and under his control, he hadn't realized that his deeds had already been exposed and the villa was surrounded.

"Mr. Fang, that guest comes again." Same as the day before, the butler informed Tyron of Jacob's arrival.

"Why is he here again? He just can not give up, even though he knows it is useless."

When Tyron heard that Jacob had come again, his eyes flashed with disgust for his love rival. However, in order to keep his misdeeds under cover he knew that he would have to see Jacob again.

"Why are you here again, Jacob?"

Tyron asked with a proud look while he stared at the unwelcome visitor. In a show of hostility towards Jacob, he had crossed his arms across his chest as he stood in front of the enraged Jacob.

"I come here for the truth. I will count to three. Then you'd better tell your butler to fetch Emily here. Otherwise, you will not like the measures I've prepared to take."

The request was made directly in an icy tone, and Jacob showed no politeness to Tyron at all.

It seemed that Jacob had come here well prepared, so Tyron was nervous and knitted his brows. "I have already told you that she is not here, haven't I?"

"Well. I have already given you the chance, Tyron. One… Two… Three..." Jacob sneered at Tyron in cold disregard as he counted to three. He would not give Tyron any further chance to offer explanations or lies. Turning he led his subordinates to the room which they had already located.

"What the hell do you think that you are doing, Jacob? You are in D country now. Do you know what you are doing? You are trespassing on a private house, which means that you are breaking the law."

Tyron had expected that when he said these words. Jacob might be swayed, yet he gave no indication of stopping. Desperately, Tyron tried to immediately block their way as he was scared that Jacob would kick down the door.

Ignoring Tyron now, Jacob gave an order with a nod of his head and his underlings quickly restrained Tyron.

"I have already given you a chance, but you didn't take it, Dr. Fang. So let me tell you the truth. My subordinates have already done a thorough investigation and found that my wife is indeed in your villa. Since then, I have already arranged for my people to surround your villa covering every

ied about the gauze bandage being necessary? Was it a trick that Tyron had played on her, not wanting her to get to know where she was? When she thought about this, she immediately pulled down the gauze from her face.

"Emily!" as soon as Tyron saw Emily doing this, he cried out loudly.

Since the light in the villa was somewhat dazzling, as soon as she took off the gauze, Emily couldn't at first adapt to it. However, after a a few moments of rapid blinking, she gradually saw people appear in front of her clearly.

"It is true that you have been lying to me all the time!" Emily spoke with a disappointed expression, and she looked accusingly at Tyron with her bright and shining eyes.

"I haven't lied to you. Except for one thing that Jacob had come here to find you, but the rest is all true." Tyron tried hard to defend himself.

Nevertheless, since things had reached this point, it was impossible to make Emily believe him again.

"Sorry, Dr. Fang. Thank you for taking good care of me these past few days. But I think we had better not see each other again from now on!" Emily said with a firm tone while biting her lips as she held tightly onto Jacob's arms.

"What did you say, Emily?"

Tyron didn't expect that Emily could be so ruthless that she could say those words to him. He turned his head to look at her with an astonished expression.

Did it mean that he had lost the opportunity to make Emily love him?

"Enough is enough! Tyron, what else do you want from my wife?" Jacob pulled Emily into his arms all of a sudden, and he held her so tightly as if he wanted to show his sovereignty. Then he spoke while looking at the man who was now defeated.

"Please don't say that, Emily! Have you forgotten that it was me who saved you?" Tyron challenged with a bitter smile.

At least, he had led and acted a part in saving Emily.

Didn't it mean that she owed him a favor? Yes! She owed him a favor!

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