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   Chapter 838 Was It Jacob

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Jacob investigated passionately and followed the clues all the way to D country. He had already confirmed that Emily was not in Z country. Furthermore, there was no one in their home country more powerful than him. Why should he need help from the people of the Fang Group?

After Jacob thanked Tyron for his 'kindness', he left the villa of the Fang family.

Although he left there without finding any further clues, it didn't indicate at all that he believed what Tyron had said or that he had given up at finding Emily in Tyron's home.

"Send someone here to watch Tyron and keep an eye on the Lu couple's every movement. If there is something amiss, report to me immediately."

After ordering his subordinates to guard outside the villa of the Fang family, Jacob massaged his aching temples. Then he looked up at the lonely full moon in the sky.

He said to himself, "Emily, where are you now?

Please wait for me. Be safe and sound. I will be with you soon..."


Lulled into sleep by the warm water of the bath, Emily abruptly sneezed and awoke from a dream after a long pause.

"Miss, are you awake?" The maid who attended her discovered that Emily had woken up. Then she grabbed the luxurious towel and waited next to the bath.

Emily yawned while stretching her arms out, and then she asked, "Did I sleep for a long time?"

It seemed that she had been thinking of something, when she had gradually fallen asleep. She had enjoyed a lengthy dream where she dreamt that Jacob had found her.

"Not quite long. You have only slept for about half an hour," the maid answered while shaking her head.

Actually, it was normally more than enough time to take a bath for fifteen minutes. However, when the maid had seen the exhausted expression on Emily's face, she couldn't bear to wake her up.

"Oh. I have been sleeping for such a long time." As soon as she heard that half an hour had passed, Emily abruptly stood up from the tub. The maid hurriedly walked towards her and wrapped her with the bath towel.

After doing that, she held Emily's hand cautiously to help her step out from the tub. Then she rubbed some body lotion on Emily before she led her out of the bath room.

When they came out, they happened to meet Tyron who had just returned from the lounge.

"Emily, have you finished taking a bath? Do you feel much more comfortable and refreshed now?" When Tyron noticed that Emily's hair was still wet, he hurriedly walked towards her and took the place of the maid to lead her to the side of the bed where he bade her to sit dow

ily that she had been kidnapped and taken to another country, so she was quite confused and asked, "What should I do now?"

She had travelled abroad without her passport, so she would definitely be regarded as a stowaway or an illegal traveler. As Jacob's wife, how could she have done this? If the media knew about this, it would bring some seriously bad publicity to Jacob, as well as his company.

"Right! I can contact Jacob, so that he can bring my passport here immediately. Then I can return to Z country," Emily said with a flash of wit.

"No, you can't."

Knowing that Emily wanted to leave him with such a firm will, Tyron harshly and immediately opposed her idea.

When hearing this, Emily was shocked and asked, "Why?"

Didn't Tyron want her to return to her own country? Wasn't it inconvenient for her to be staying here and constantly disturbing him?

Furthermore, she was a married woman…

"Sorry. What I mean is that your eyes haven't recovered yet, so it will be better for us to take the next step once you can see again," Tyron explained, fearing that Emily might misunderstand his reaction.

Since he said this so hurriedly, it hinted at his real intentions. If Emily ever discovered that he had done all these things, then she would not want to see him again.

"I see. That's all right. Since I have a strong constitution, I am confident that my eyes will recover the day after tomorrow. Then I can take off this gauze," Emily replied with a confident smile.

"Well," Tyron replied with a muffled murmur. Then he became so absent-minded that he grabbed Emily's hair and brushed it inattentively.

He was thinking of how he could make Emily stay here of her own free will.

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