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   Chapter 837 She Is Not Here

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"Mr. Fang, someone called Mr. Gu is here looking for you,"

the butler reported. Tyron didn't even need to think, and his instinct had told him who this Mr. Gu was.

"Tell him that I am not here."

Tyron only knew one man whose family name was Gu, Jacob Gu. It seemed that Jacob had discovered Emily's disappearance and, apparently, he blamed it on Tyron.

'Jacob really is on the ball, ' Tyron thought and broke into a soft laughter, but his eyes showed his disdain.

In Jacob's home country, Tyron didn't have the confidence to beat Jacob, but that didn't necessarily mean that Jacob's sphere of influence could extended all the way around the globe.

This was D country, a territory that belonged to Tyron.

Jacob seemed to have known beforehand that Tyron wouldn't willingly see him, so he told the butler that he wouldn't leave till his master agreed to see him. The butler was caught in a dilemma. "Mr. Fang, Mr. Gu wants me to tell you that he will keep on waiting outside..."

"Let him be. I still won't see him!" Tyron gave a brittle laugh as he interrupted the butler.

The butler knew his master well, and he knew that the next words he was about to utter would definitely piss Tyron off. He couldn't help sweating when he thought about the consequences for him in relaying the visitor's message. After some hesitation, he wiped the sweat from his face and made up his mind to continue his unfinished sentence, "He said that he would do everything possible to make you agree to see him, and that he is going to destroy the Fang Group when he returns home, if you refuse him."

Just as the butler had expected, Tyron was ruffled, and his eyes narrowed with anger. "Jacob, how dare you threaten me, huh?"

The Fang Group wasn't really the lifeblood of Tyron, and he didn't place much importance on it. But the company was, however, his father's painstaking work, and he couldn't afford to see its destruction.

"Alright, if that's what he wants. Show him in."

Tyron made a small hissing sound of irritation. He still worried about Emily, thus, he commanded, "Have someone stay here. If the miss asks about me, tell her that I am entertaining guests, and I will be back very soon. Am I clear?"

"Yes, sir. I shall handle this. Please don't worry."

In the lounge, Jacob had been waiting for Tyron for a long time, and his patience was wearing thin. Finally, Tyron entered with his hands in his pockets. He seemed to be relaxed and peaceful, which triggered Jacob's

Who do you think you are? You are nobody!"

The barb stung Tyron exactly the way Jacob had hoped it would.

Yes, he was nobody to her, and that was why Emily had estranged herself from him.

But because of that, and because he was nobody, in the end, he could strive to be somebody.

Tyron smoothed his hair and broke into a soft laughter. "You are right. I am nobody. Frankly, you don't have to worry about me at all. So what's the point of you coming all the way here?"

'Because I posed a threat to you, huh? And that's why you are constantly on guard against me, right?' Tyron thought with a deep satisfaction.

Being an opponent of the almighty Jacob was such a pleasure for Tyron.

"Why did you send Emily flowers on that day?"

The flowers. The day Emily disappeared, Tyron had sent Emily some flowers. This was what made Jacob believe that it was Tyron who had taken her and hidden her away.

"I sent her flowers because I was about to leave, and that was my way to say goodbye to her. I left immediately after I sent her the flowers. You are welcome to check my flight's departure on that day if you don't believe what I've said."

Tyron had prepared a perfect answer in advance. He had known what questions Jacob would ask, and he had a perfect alibi already, so he wasn't afraid of confronting Jacob.

"But since you are here, I guess you've checked it. I don't want to keep repeating, but Emily is not here. If I were you, I would follow up on other clues. I wouldn't waste my time by looking at someone who is obviously innocent. If you need help, beg me, and I will help you by asking the Fang Group for help. Sounds good to you?"

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