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   Chapter 836 I'm Not His Wife

The Spoiled Girl By Changdu Characters: 7609

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"Emily..." Tyron murmured in a low voice, and he couldn't help but reach out to wipe off the food which clung to her lips.

Right in that instant his finger accidentally touched Emily's pink tongue as she tried to lick off her lips.

Emily stiffened at once, and then quickly withdrew her tongue. "You?"

Did she just lick Tyron's finger by accident?

"You had a grain of rice on your lips." Picking up the grain of rice, Tyron didn't find it repulsive; instead he put the morsel into his mouth and chewed it with seeming relish.

With the lingering sensation of her warmth on his finger and the rice which had briefly been on her lips in his mouth, Tyron felt as if he was kissing Emily.

Meanwhile, Emily, whose eyes were covered by the gauze, couldn't see Tyron's obsessed love-struck behavior, so she just touched her face awkwardly. "Oh, well, thank you."

Then she carefully wiped her face with the back of her hand in case there was still some food left.

However, Tyron thought that she was detesting his touch by wiping her face clean, and his soulful eyes darkened with displeasure.

His disappointment was short lived though when he realized that she was reliant on him and therefore could not run away.

Love in relationships required time and nurturing, and one day he could eventually make Emily, who found it hard to accept his affections, surrender to him. She would come to accept that she could not live without him.

Looking at Emily sitting quietly across from him, Tyron allowed himself a vicious smile and licked his lips. "Emily, would you like to take a bath?"

Tyron's words reminded Emily that she had been locked in the dark room for a couple of days with nothing else to do except to eat and sleep. She hadn't bathed at all during this time, and she felt sticky and uncomfortable.

"Yes..." Emily nodded, but then she was worried. "But I can't see things around me right now. I'm afraid I can't do this alone. Would you please send one of your housemaids to help me?"

Emily phrased her request politely and discreetly so as not to upset Tyron, who might feel rejected and refuse her request.

"Sure, you can have any servant here." Tyron, who had been sitting next to Emily, stood up with his hands in his pockets. "I'll go

The maid still thought Emily and Tyron were in a relationship, so she decided to say something nice on behalf of her young master.

"Oh, so the yam congee was made by him?"

Emily sat down in the tub with the help of the maid. Her mind drifted as she sat quietly in the warm water.

If the yam congee was made by Tyron, then he must have been preparing the food for her while she was asleep…

Tyron's meticulous care and attention made Emily feel guilty for keeping him at a distance.

He was not a bad person. It was just that they met at the wrong time. She already belonged to Jacob.

Thinking of this, Emily touched the gauze bandages wrapped around her eyes.

'Jacob, how long before you can come here and save me?

Do you know how much I need you right now?' she thought in melancholy.

The vapour floated around and fogged the bathroom dreamily where Emily soaked herself in the hot tub. Red rose petals floated on the steaming water and her long black hair cascaded down her ivory white shoulders creating an intriguing picture of beauty.

Emily was quietly drowned in a mood of melancholy and despair. She sat in the tub like a fallen angel, making the whole scene both beautiful and sad.

"Miss, you're gorgeous..."

The maid was stunned, and she didn't find it strange that the master had for the first time chosen to bring a woman home since this woman was so beautiful.

What they didn't know was that outside the bathroom, Tyron was about to be visited by an uninvited guest.

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