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   Chapter 835 Let Me Take Care Of You

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"Emily, you've slept for a whole day and night, and you haven't had any food yet. Aren't you hungry now?" asked Tyron in concern.

His voice was as tender as an April breeze. Emily was behaving obediently and lying meek as a lamb in his arms, even quietly leaning into him. Tyron smiled slightly, raising the corners of his mouth. He rubbed Emily's fluffy, sleep tussled hair with his chin. It felt like cotton on his face, both smothering and exciting.

Touching the gauze bandages wrapped around her eyes to prevent the harsh light, Emily shook her head. Then she grasped Tyron with her other hand as if she was so afraid that if she released her hand, he would leave any second now and let her endure the darkness alone.

"No, I am not hungry..." Emily answered with a husky voice, and she was not in a cheery mood.

Noticing her strange tone, Tyron held Emily's small hands with his large hands, allowing his well-defined digits to provide a sense of security to her through their strength.

"Don't worry. I will ask the maid to bring some food here. I'm not going to leave, and I will stay here with you," Tyron said softly to comfort Emily as if he was coaxing a frightened little child.

After doing that, he was quite shocked for a moment when he realized that he had never before soothed a person with such a humble attitude, not even his dearest grandma.

'Emily, you are so special to me.'

His eyes sparkled a little then narrowed as he thought of how much he cherished Emily. His eyes, like peach blossoms, were filled with tenderness which he couldn't imagine in himself.

"Well... Fine, I am a little hungry..." When she knew that Tyron would not leave her, Emily felt immediately relieved. Then she agreed with a shy tone while pursing her lips together.

She had just said that she was not hungry, but now she changed her mind and said that she was hungry. Would Tyron think that she was playing the fool with him? Would he think that she was a two-faced person?

Emily was a thin-skinned person. Tyron had already discovered this while she was in the hospital, so he didn't care about her change of mind. He thought she was quite cute even though she easily felt shy or embarrassed.

He gently pushed aside the bangs from Emily's forehead, and asked, "Then I am going to ask the maid to send some food here. Do you have something that you really like to eat?"

"" Suddenly becoming aware of Tyron's touch, Emily felt somewhat uncomfortable. She froze in his arms, and then subtly tried to manoeuvre out of his grasp, wanting to avoi

t possible that he didn't even know that she was missing?

"Thank you."

Lowering her head with a pretence of surrendering, Emily chose to give up any resistance. When Tyron fed the congee to her, she just opened her mouth obediently and drank it mouthful by mouthful.

Tyron kept sending spoonful's of congee to her mouth. He was quite enjoying feeding her, so addicted to the closeness. Once Emily's mouth was so filled with congee that her cheeks were bulging and she shook head to refuse. Finally, he stopped feeding her.

"I can't eat any more, because I am so full!" Emily touched her bulging stomach and said it with a sorrowful expression. As Tyron had fed her too much, she couldn't eat any more.

After hearing this, a reluctant expression appeared on his face. So he still tried to persuade. "Please eat some more, since you have only eaten so little."

"No, thanks. I am completely stuffed." As soon as she heard Tyron's words, Emily immediately shook her head like a rattle-drum.

She usually ate little, and since she had been locked in the dark house, she ate much less than ever. So it was beyond her limits to eat this much at present.

"Fine. If you get hungry, please let me know." Tyron put down the spoon and the bowl with a disappointed expression. Then he asked the maid to take them away.

"Since I have eaten so much, I will not be hungry so soon," Emily muttered and then pursed her lips, as she realized that there was some residual food on the corner of her mouth, so she involuntarily licked at it with her tongue.

As soon as Tyron turned around, he happened to see Emily doing this, and a faintly light filled with remote possibilities flashed through his bright eyes.

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