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   Chapter 834 Please Don't Push Me Away

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Another dark day had passed.

Emily didn't drink even a drop of water, and she didn't have any appetite either. Her body couldn't deal with anything but her feelings right now. All she could think of was to escape from here! She needed light! She needed to see the outside world. She needed to breathe fresh air!

Her body began to become weaker and weaker with the time, and every part of her organs started to get worse. Tyron was shocked when he saw her this way but he had to be tough so that he could win over her!

Tyron grasp his breath and gave the order without thinking too much.

A group of strong men in suits walked into the small dark room.

"Is anybody here?" Emily asked with excitement when she heard the steps coming. "Please let me out immediately! No matter how much money you want, I will give it to you!"

She heard someone laughing out of a sudden.

"Jacob's wife is quite pretty indeed," someone said.

"Tell me about it! Look at this poor but beautiful little face. I am not sure whether she can afford so many people with such a tiny body," a deep voice added.

"Ha-ha. Don't worry, dude. I am pretty sure she is going to enjoy this!" answered the first one.

Emily heard each dirty word and she felt frightened. She heard the steps approaching to her slowly and recognized some figures outside. "Stop!" she screamed with fear, her eyes wide open. "Don't come any closer! If my husband finds out about this, he will kill all of you!"

"So what! I don't care what's the consequence. It's so worth it anyway. Ha-ha!" The two men caught Emily from each side and kept talking those nasty words.

She was fighting desperately. Although she tried to escape with all her strength, her efforts were vanished in their arms. Her body was so weak that she felt helpless. She was just like a little lamb to be slaughtered!

"Stop! No! Don't touch me! You bastard!"

The men hinged Emily in their arms. They didn't want to hurt her, keeping in mind their boss adored this woman. They didn't dare to grope around her body either, but just pressed her hands and feet instead.

She was screaming fiercely her husband's name, calling him so loud that her throat was already sore. But Jacob didn't show up the way she had dreamed about...

She was full with despair when suddenly there was a loud sound. It was as if that the door was opened by someone violently with a kick!

The person who came inside took one of the men from behind and knocked him out with something that was looking like brick. Screams filled the room and his body hit the ground. Then the guy who appeared out of nowhere, took down the second man with a kick, as if he was plastic.

Tyron beat everyon

said. As if her heart was emptied all of a sudden, because the love of her life failed to rescue her.

And it turned out that in the end it was Tyron saved her?! What a shame...

'Did Tyron really have nothing to do with this accident?' she thought.

He seemed to have felt what Emily was thinking, so he tried to assure her that he was innocent. "Emily, I have nothing to do with this matter. Don't you know that you are so special to me? I admit that I am a temperament man, but I will never joke with your safety."

Emily remained silent, so he continued, "Whatever. I know you hate me, so I'd better leave here as soon as possible."

He stood up and turned around, ready to leave.

"Please don't!" Emily's brain had not reacted yet, but her body had been the first to make the action. She grasped Tyron's hand and cried, "Please don't go! Please don't leave me alone!"

It was PTSD but she didn't know it. The only thing she knew was that she didn't want to be alone again.

Tyron smiled almost unnoticeable. Then he hugged Emily gently with his strong arms. "Well, I will stay here with you. I will always be here for you."

Emily felt somehow relieved lying in his arms, but she had a gut feeling that something here just wasn't right. She was defeated by the image of the horror that she escaped and didn't want to bear the darkness all by herself any longer.

Emily was aware that there was something wrong with her and with all this weird kidnapping story, but she neither had the power nor was in a mood to analyze it in details. Her only thought was that as long as a caring person was keeping her company, everything would be fine. The most important thing for her now was not be left alone again.

And even though that person was Tyron, she found it to be comforting enough.

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