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   Chapter 833 You Will Worship Me

The Spoiled Girl By Chang Du Characters: 12001

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Emily immediately recognized the familiar face the moment the courier took off his helmet. It was Tyron! He gave a mischievous smile to Emily and said, "My lady, don't you like the flowers I sent you? Are you going to throw that into the garbage bin?"

The flowers were Tyron's gesture of his sincere love for Emily. He felt heartbroken that Emily was about to throw it away ruthlessly.

He couldn't understand why Emily wouldn't just accept his warm admiration towards her, but instead, she continued to hurt him again and again.

"You!" Emily exclaimed as she dropped the roses in her hands to the ground. Petals flew into the air as her face reddened from being suddenly overwhelmed by emotions. "Tyron!? Why are you here?" Emily asked as she pressed her hand to her chest.

Tyron obsessively looked at Emily and couldn't wait to pour out his endless admiration for her. "I miss you so much, Emily! We have not seen each other for a long time. Every day without you seemed like a year," he replied passionately.

"Tyron, please don't say that to me again," Emily said in a firm tone. "I've known what you had done. I didn't expect you to be so wicked! I don't what to see you anymore. Please get out of my sight and I don't want to see your face anymore!"

Emily turned around as she finished her words. She stepped over the roses on the ground and shut the door behind her. She didn't even bother to look back at Tyron.

Tyron was stunned as he silently stared at Emily's back. After she shut the door, he bent over to pick up the crushed flowers. He held the flowers in his hands while anger and sadness overwhelmed him. His eyes reflected his hatred as he threw the bouquet to the trash bin.

He thought to himself that Emily had missed the last chance he had given her.

'Emily, don't blame me. I have offered you many opportunities, but you just wasted all of them. You deserve to be punished. I will let you know the terrible consequences of defying me!'

This unpleasant experience spoiled Emily's good mood. She hadn't contacted the Lu couple for past days because she wanted to avoid any opportunity to meet Tyron. If she went to visit them, Carol would certainly create every opportunity for Tyron to meet with her.

At lunchtime, Emily made a daily call to Jacob and mentioned that unpleasant experience to him.

Jacob frowned as he heard Emily's complaint and showed great concern to the issue. "You just said that he came to you and sent you a bunch of roses. So I guess he must have kept track of your movements. Now he has already known your location and wants to pester you even more," Jacob said after a short silence.

Emily thought that Jacob was jealous of Tyron, so she rushed to explain, "Jacob, are you jealous? I didn't accept his flowers. Instead, I threw the flowers to the floor and stepped over it. Please believe me."

Actually, what Jacob was most concerned about was Emily's safety. "Dear, I assure you that I am not envious of him. And, of course, I believe you. But I am a little worried. Listen to me, I think Tyron is still up to something dangerous and you should be careful. Don't go outside and I will come to fetch you as soon as possible!" Jacob said with a serious tone.

Emily could tell Jacob's anxiety from his tone which made her also feel nervous. "Jacob, why are you so concerned about him? What's wrong? Can please you tell me? You are scaring me right now," Emily asked eagerly.

"It's nothing. I was just overreacting. Don't worry. I miss you and want to see you now. I will come to you soon," Jacob said in an

since the window was too small. "Who the hell are you? What do you want from me? Please, let me go!" Emily continued to beg.

But the man outside didn't reply and simply put the tray on the window then left immediately.

The only glimmer of hope disappeared as the man left. Emily felt desperate. She walked slowly towards the window and stared at the meal dejectedly. She was hungry but had no appetite to eat. She told herself that she needed to regain her energy if she wanted to get out of there.

She forced herself to eat half of the meal and then sat on the ground silently as she tried to figure out how to escape.

'Where is Jacob? He's going to rescue me, right? Did he find out that I had disappeared? He must have discovered it. He must be in search of me already.'

All thoughts came to her mind while exhaustion overwhelmed her. Her eyes grew heavy and she soon fell asleep.

She was treated in the same way in the following few days. A man would send her food at mealtime but wouldn't speak with her. Most of the time she stayed in the dark room alone, like a prisoner.

Without any sunlight, she couldn't tell if it was day or night. She lost track of the days completely. Loneliness and fear continued to haunt her.

In such a stressful environment, Emily's emotions begun to collapse. She started to get upset, anxious and even lost her temper.

"Is there anyone here? What the hell do you want? Show yourself, you coward! Talk to me!" she roared desperately.

She sat alone in the corner with her arms around her knees. She sobbed silently and then wailed loudly as if her emotions exploded. "Jacob! Jacob! Come and save me! Please, I need you! Where are you?" she cried.

The loneliness and unknown danger played tricks to her head that she was about to get crazy. The imprisonment in the dark made her suffer even more and tortured her mentality.

She didn't expect that Tyron was shrewdly watching her breakdown silently from the screen of the monitor. He designed his plans based on Emily's desperation. He waited for the right time to get Emily out of the dark room. At that time, Emily would have no other choice but to listen to him. That was exactly what he wanted.

'Continue to be afraid, Emily! I will wait until you've completely lost your mind and give in to me.

After I'm done with you, you will worship me!' Tyron thought to himself.

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