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   Chapter 832 Tyron's Handwriting

The Spoiled Girl By Elephant Characters: 7443

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The noises came from the perfume bottles that fell from the bed and broke on the bedroom floor.

"Wait!" Emily slightly pushed Jacob away to check on the bottles but she was immediately held back by him.

Jacob kissed her slender fingers and said, "Just leave them alone."

However, whiffs of strong odor came into Jacob's nose as soon as he finished his words which caused him to sneeze a lot. "Achoo! Achoo!"

Emily also sneezed with him as their noses were both irritated by the strong odor. The whole room was full of different kinds of perfume scents which were enough to make people weep.

Jacob quickly cuddled up Emily to leave the room like they were the victims. And he ordered the maids to clean up the mess.

Emily felt like her nose couldn't work anymore! However, when she saw Jacob and his red nose because of sneezing, she burst out in laughter. "It's all your fault to be so careless. How many bottles did you just break? Ha-ha!"

"Oh my! Stop laughing please!" Jacob then playfully pinched Emily's nose and continued, "Can you still smell me now?"

Emily moved closer to smell him and shook her head.

Jacob gave an impish smile and said, "I smell masculine right now."

Emily slightly punched his chest and chuckled. "Don't be so lecherous!"

Soon, it was late at night. Emily began to be nervous and wasn't able to sleep...

Jacob could feel that she was troubled so he slightly rubbed her back to soothe her. "Don't be afraid. If Tyron dares to come again to your dream, I promise to go into your dream and chase him away," he said gently.

Emily could not help but roll her eyes at Jacob's remark and complained, "You say that now, but every time I called your name in my dreams you never showed up!"

Jacob pinched her chin and then slightly bit her lip. "Now, I have marked you so I will show up in your dream this time for sure."

Jacob's words brought Emily comfort to some extent.

Emily finally fell asleep in Jacob's arms.

What Emily did not know was that the moment she closed her eyes, Jacob's face began to darken.

Jacob was not actually sure whether Emily would dream of Tyron or not, either. He hoped that he could rush into her dreams so that he could kill Ty

He still believed that Emily belonged to him!

'How could this be? Why should Jacob own such a perfect woman like Emily! She should be with me instead! Jacob is just a piece of shit!' Tyron cursed to himself.

On the other hand, Emily knew nothing about the terrible turn of events as she was preoccupied with the competition.

At this moment, Emily's assistant called that there were flowers for her to sign. Emily did not think too much about it and thought that it was Jacob who sent her flowers. She smiled from ear to ear as she thought of her husband's romantic gesture.

"Okay, I will be downstairs in a minute."

Emily quickly signed the flowers and found a card in the bunch of roses. She was startled when saw the handwriting on the card.

There was no signature on the card and the handwriting did not look like Jacob's.

The handwriting looked very similar to Tyron's!

'So it was Tyron who sent me the roses?

What on earth is he trying to do with this? He had induced me to dream of him doing such shameless things! Had he not done enough to ruin my life? What does he want to induce me this time?'

Emily couldn't help but think of the roses as a trap. She glared at the roses as if it was a collection of timed bombs ready to explode in her face.

She was about to throw the flowers away when the courier suddenly asked her, "Mrs. Emily, is there anything wrong with the roses?"

Emily was stunned when she recognized the carrier's voice. "You…"

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