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   Chapter 831 Choose One That You'd Like

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7458

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Emily tried hard to rummage some clues from her memory. Finally, she remembered something strange. "I once smelt a weird odor. I can't recognize what it was but it seemed to be from Tyron."

When she smelled the weird scent before, she did not think much about it and just dismissed it as a weird smell.

'So...the odor is the reason why I would dream such indecent things with Tyron?' Emily thought to herself.

The psychologist seemed to see through Emily's mind as he nodded his head and said seriously, "The odor probably is the reason."

Jacob's face darkened as his eyes reflected his murderous rage. "I knew that must be because of Tyron!" he scorned.

Jacob suddenly thought of Tyron's provocations before and could help but want to tear the man to pieces.

Meanwhile, Emily was still bewildered, " But… But why would he do that?"

Jacob sneered, "I've already told you earlier that he is not a good guy! He wants to break our relationship so that you will end up with him! Damn it! How dare he covet my wife! I'll make that bastard pay!"

"He covets me?" Emily's eyes widened as she couldn't believe the reality of the situation. She had never thought that Tyron would feel that way about her. "Jacob… Do you mean Tyron loves me?"

Jacob was still angry. "What else would you think of it? He hypnotized you with that odor so that you would dream of the two you in such indecent acts! Did you really think that he did all of this just for fun?"

"But... But we are supposedly cousins..." Emily bit her lip tight.

"He's willing to do that even if you are real cousins, let alone that you aren't blood-related!" Jacob refuted.

Emily still found it hard to believe. However, when she thought of Tyron's actions before, Emily finally understood everything. Emily did not expect that the decent and upright Tyron would hide such a shameless thought in his mind!

Jacob was furious that Emily did not listen to his advice before. Now that Tyron's trick was finally revealed, Jacob became more serious. "So will you go to see him in the future? Do you really believe that I know nothing about you meeting him without my permission?"

Emily couldn't help but feel guilty when she heard Jacob's remark. She c

ook out dozens of male perfume which were all collection that could not be found in the market. He put all of these in front of Emily and continued, "Choose one that you'd like."

'I will use it every day so that you will forget how that bastard Tyron smells!' he added in his thoughts.

Emily became confused as to whether to laugh or feel touched at Jacob's gesture. "What are you doing? You should put those back in the closet before you accidentally break one."

However, Jacob was still serious and continued to press on the matter, "Come on! Just pick one."

Emily stared at him for seconds and threw herself into his arms. "For me, no perfume could be compared with your natural smell. You have the most intoxicating scent so you don't need any perfume at all."

After he heard Emily's remarks, Jacob's heartbeat raced. He embraced her tightly while his mouth curved upward and said, "You still know how to sweet talk me."

Emily rubbed against his chest and refuted, "No, it's not just sweet talk. It's also the truth!"

"Stay still." Jacob's voice became husky as he continued, "Otherwise, I can't promise you what I would do if you continue being so sweet."

Emily quickly followed his words and lay in his arms quietly.

This made Jacob suffer as he could not find any excuses to not forgive her. Finally, he directly pressed her on the bed and prepared to caress her petite figure. "Bang! Bang! Bang!" Suddenly, their intimacy was interrupted by loud noises.

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