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   Chapter 830 That's All I Need To Hear

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Somebody knocked on the door as soon as Emily hung up the phone.

"Come in!" Emily took a deep breath and pulled herself together with an enormous effort. She threw the tissue in the trash bin and took one more breathe just to make sure her voice sounded normal.

"Director Emily, Mr. Jacob is here," Joyce reported avoiding eye-contact.

'Jacob is here? He just wanted a cold war with me this morning, didn't he? Why would he come for me now?' Emily asked herself in mind.

"Where is he now?" asked Emily and stood up to regain her self-control.

Jacob's voice came to them from the outside, as soon as Emily finished her words. "Joyce, you may go now. I have something to say with your director."

Jacob came into Emily's office dressed in a black suit, drawn in something remaining of a dark cloud.

As soon as Jacob came in, Emily couldn't help but feel a powerful force was coming towards her. She was stunned there, as she watched Joyce close the door. She tried to hide her nervousness but knew she failed.

"Click!" Jacob locked the door from inside.

"Jacob, you... Why do you lock the door?" Emily's brows furrowed as she looked at him with puzzlement.

Many people would enter her office and he knew that. But Jacob locked the door now and there was nothing she could do to obtain a better outcome.

Jacob was quite displeased with Emily's response. His eyes were full of weird lights. "I'm your husband. Do you still worry that I will hurt you?" he asked.

"No, I didn't t mean that. But what will the people think of me if you lock the door from inside?" Emily's face flushed as she finally realized that she might be overthinking right now.

Jacob stepped closer to Emily. "Do you think that I would care what others think? Moreover, I am the boss!"

'The whole company is mine! How would I fear what others think or talk?' Jacob refuted in mind. Emily was full of vigilance watching Jacob step closer and closer and she couldn't help stepping back.

But she was nervous and clumsy, and fell back into her chair.

Jacob squinted his eyes witnessing all Emily's panic at this moment. "Emily, we have been married for such a

dreamed those shameless things with Tyron!' Emily blamed herself in mind.

Though it was just in her dreams, Emily felt guilty, as she was unfaithful to her beloved one.

Jacob held her tightly and soothed her hair. "I have told Sam to make an appointment with the best psychologist in this city and I'm sure that he'll help you to solve the problem," he comforted her with love.

'If Emily still loves me, then there must be other reasons for her disease. I have to find it out!' Jacob thought in mind.

Thinking Tyron's complacent and challenging words, Jacob slightly squinted his eyes and a piece of danger flashed through them.

'Tyron, you are still too weak to go against me, ' Jacob sneered in mind.

Finally, Emily agreed to see the psychologist under Jacob's encouragement. She felt like her soul was struggling to get out of a dark locked room. She knew she needed help, but was afraid of the consequences.

After asking her some questions and the mental counseling, the psychologist raised his brows, looking at Emily's case file provided by Jacob.

"Mr. Jacob, your wife doesn't have a mental disease. She dreamed those dreams because she was induced by a specific smell," said the doctor.

"Induced by the smell?"

Both of them were confused hearing that statement, as they would have never supposed an answer like this.

"Yes. Mrs. Emily, have you smelled a wired odor recently?" asked the psychologist.

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