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   Chapter 829 She Likes Him

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Jacob meticulously read the document in his hands. The medical record discussed Emily's recent illness and some key points of her conversation with her psychologist.

When Jacob read the content that Emily said she dreamed about Tyron every night, he got so angry that his face was painted with a furious expression. He felt like Emily had cheated on him.

Emily told him that she only dreamed of Tyron once and it meant nothing to her. This document proved otherwise.

How could she lie to him?!

Then, as Jacob read the psychologist's evaluation that Emily had already subconsciously fallen in love with Tyron, he couldn't control his emotions anymore and his anger exploded.

A loud bang echoed from Jacob's office as he punched the luxurious office table. His eyes reflected his murderous rage. He threw the medical record across the room while his anger continued to overwhelm him. At this moment, Sam knocked on the door and came in as the medical record fell on the floor near him.

Sam was shocked that he immediately held his step, then he stepped back and asked, "Are you okay, Mr. Jacob?"

He took a look at the stuff on the floor, then he picked it up without any hesitation and walked with it towards the front of the office table.

"You've just arrived at the right time. Find the best psychologist in this city and make an appointment with him or her as soon as possible!" Jacob's voice still resonated with rage. His fists then still clenched as pressed hard on the table. He tried his best to suppress his emotions which could burst again anytime.

When Jacob finished his order to find a psychologist, Sam suddenly remembered the psychological disorders Jacob previously had.

"Okay. I will schedule a consultation immediately." After he accepted Jacob's order, Sam hesitantly asked, "Mr. Jacob, are you…"

"What?" Jacob interrupted Sam's futile query as he looked at Sam with dagger-like eyes. It seemed that he knew what Sam was about to ask.

Sam immediately regretted what he was about to ask when he saw Jacob's fierce expression. He shut his mouth as he swallowed what he was about to say before. "Nothing. I will now attend to my errands,"

Sam talked as he approached the office table. He then put the medical record on top of the table in an orderly manner and immediately left the office.

When he was finally alone again in the office, Jacob looked furiously at the medical record in his table.

After a while, he stood up abruptly. He walked towards the windows and stood still. His exasperated eyes stared at the buildings in the distance, which was the direction of Emily's location.

Emily was in a daze in her office. She thought of this morning. Before Jacob went o

ily was disturbed by the dream of Tyron every night. She became so preoccupied with her thought that she hadn't been able to contact Carol for quite a long time.

"By the way, why are you calling me from Dr. Fang's cellphone, Mom?" Emily grabbed some tissue, then she wiped away the tears on her face which she forgot to wipe before because she was startled by the phone call.

"Well, we happened to talk about you. You haven't come to see me for several days. I then asked Tyron if I can borrow his phone to call you and he happily obliged. I want to invite you, Beryl and other people to come here." Carol made up a lie on the spot as to not make the situation worse. She then saw Tyron gave a thumbs up which made her slightly raise her eyebrows.

She didn't know how to deal with Emily and Tyron because she had no idea of the reason for their quarrel.

Emily was shocked that Carol was with Tyron. She then lowered her head and answered with a polite tone, "Fine, I will come to visit you when I have the time. Mom, I have to attend a meeting now. I need to go so I am going to hang up first."

Emily was reluctant to talk too much with Tyron's cellphone number, so she hung up Carol's call immediately.

After she realized that the call had ended already, Carol turned to Tyron with a sorry expression. She returned the phone to him and said with a considerate tone, "Emily said she had to end the call early since she would have a meeting soon."

"Fine. I understand that." Tyron's eyes were hinted with disappointment as he received the phone from Carol. He clenched his fist so tight that he almost broke his phone.

Actually, all the calls to Emily were made by him. However, as soon as the line connected, he couldn't muster the courage to talk with Emily, so he gave the cellphone to Carol.

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