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   Chapter 828 We Are So Unlucky!

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"But Tyron had nothing to do with it! He has done nothing wrong, but he has to endure this terrible event. You've put his life in danger! Is it fair to him? If you are angry, then you should be mad at me!" Emily cried.

"Why should I be mad at you? This is the only way I can protect you! I have already told you that Tyron is not a simple person. His thoughts about you are not as pure as you have assumed." Jacob was immediately overwhelmed with murderous rage when he remembered the way Tyron looked at Emily.

Emily became so distressed that she rubbed her temples as she shook her head. "Could you please don't think too much? Dr. Fang had helped me a lot, and he used to be my benefactor. Furthermore, he is also my mother's nephew! Now, my mother treats him as her own child, so if something horrible happened to him, could you imagine how sad she would be?"

"Emily." Jacob's voice faltered. He let out at a sigh of resignation and slowly calmed down. His arms grabbed Emily's shoulders as his eyes stared at hers. "You've always cared about the feelings of other people. However, why are you prioritizing his feelings over mine? Do you know how frustrated I was when I heard you call his name last night? I even wanted to kill someone at that moment."

When Emily heard his confession, her eyes reddened and asked, "What can I do? I cannot control what I dream about, can I? I told you. I didn't want to dream about him!"

Emily's voice continued to rise because of her emotions. No one knew about her hardships.

She had only said her sorrows to Dr. Chen and no one else. Even her closest lover wasn't aware of her difficult situation.

Jacob stretched out his hand to wipe away the tears on the corner of her eyes and said, "I understand that wasn't your fault. Tyron is the one to blame. You believe that he had done nothing wrong. The truth is, he had done plenty of things that you didn't know. He is more despicable than what you imagined him to be."

"It doesn't matter what his deeds are." Emily suddenly held Jacob's hands, quite tightly, and replied, "A dream represents nothing, as he has done nothing to me."

"Are you sure?" Jacob let out a chuckle as he stared at Emily with pitiful eyes. "His presence is a mistake. The two of you shouldn't even be in the same room. You wouldn't even have a chance to know him if he didn't show up in Z country. If you hadn't known him, how could you have dreamt about him?"

"Jacob, would you mind it so much if it were another person? Aren't you overreacting because of your own opinion of Dr. Fang?"

Jacob said with a firm tone, "I don't allow any men but me to appear in your dreams."

After she heard this, Emily took a deep breath. She realized that she couldn't make Jacob understand her right now, so she persuaded him, "Jacob, could you be a little tolerant? No one should be blamed for this matter. Why do you have to make a simple matter so complicated?"

"Sorry. I let you down, but extreme pettiness is one of my characters as a man. I

How does it feel that Emily would rather believe me than you?"

After Jacob heard this, his face darkened all of a sudden, then he answered, "Don't worry. We are in a very harmonious state. You don't have to meddle in our relationship."

Tyron chuckled and then mocked Jacob, "Oh, really? Then do you want to know why Emily called my name in her dream, Mr. Jacob?"

When Jacob heard this, he grabbed the cellphone in his hand so tightly that he almost broke it. However, he answered with an extremely calm tone to restrain his anger, "What?"

They both knew that if one of them lost control, then the one would be the loser.

Tyron was quite sure that he would be able to agitate Jacob and be the winner this time!

"It seems that you don't know the reason. Then let me tell you to show my generousness." He said in a tone with an obvious complacency and even a hint of mockery, "It is because I would fuck Emily every night in her dreams, so it is not strange she can't help calling my name… The one she really loves is me, so she is quite against your acclaimed 'harmonious state'."

"Shut up! You bastard! If you talk nonsense like this anymore, I will definitely kill you!" As he yelled, Jacob's eyes were filled with the anger that they reddened. He was so eager that he wanted to go through the line to pull out Tyron's tendons and scalp his skin.

Tyron remained fearless and replied, "What a poor guy! You still cannot accept the reality, can you? I happened to have sent you a gift, and I hope you like it."

After his mockery, Tyron hung up the phone immediately.

Jacob threw the phone out of anger!

The secretary was about to give something to Jacob when she saw this. She was quite shocked with Jacob's frustration. Then she said with a jittery tone, "Mr. Jacob, here's a package for you..."

Jacob realized that it was a gift sent by Tyron, so he took it abruptly and opened it. Then he found it was a medical record.

It was Emily's medical record in the psychology department.

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