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   Chapter 826 Make Him Dead

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7290

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"Would you like me to lull you to sleep?"

"Yes, please."

Jacob had a big soft spot for Emily in his heart and he didn't like seeing her upset. "Come here! Everything is going to be okay."

He once tried to lull Bowen to sleep, but instead of putting the baby to sleep he ended up making him cry all night. But Mr. Gu still was full of confidence.

Humming a tuneless lullaby, he patted Emily's back gently and lulled her to sleep.

At first, Emily thought Jacob's humming was awful, but soon after, unexpectedly, she fell into deep sleep, thanks to his lullaby.

Soon after she drifted off to sleep, Emily slipped into the grips of a dream.

Like a curse that could not be lifted, she dreamt about Tyron and the same absurd scenes again. Emily fought hard to push him away. Desperately trying to wake up, she cried out Jacob's name for help, but nobody came to her rescue...

Suddenly, Emily snapped out of her abysmal nightmare, startled and covered in cold sweats. She whipped her head about and the first thing her eyes caught was Jacob, quietly watching her sleep under a dim light.

She screamed as the remnants of her nightmare still clung to her mind, haunting her.

Jacob, immediately rushed to her and turned on the bedside lamp as soon as she heard her screaming. He wiped the sweat from her face and in a calm voice he said, "It was just a dream! It's over now. What did you just dream about?"

Nervously averting the concerned eyes of the expressionless man, Emily remained silent. After a while, she swallowed and said, "It was just... a nightmare."

Jacob nodded his head gently. "What kind of nightmare? Would you like to talk to me about it. Emily?"

Hearing her own name from his lips aroused feelings of anxiety and apprehension. It seemed as though the walls were caving in on her. "I don't want to think about..."

Jacob squinted his eyes in curiosity trying hard to read the information from her face. "You don't want to think about it or you don't want to tell me..."

Emily jumped to clear up the misunderstanding. "No, I'm not..."

Jacob's eyes deepened to the deep violet-blue of overhead skies in June. Jacob said, enunciating

ved at Dr. Chen's clinic, she told her about what happened last night.

It was hard to tell what Dr. Chen was thinking about after she heard Emily's words. Her eyes flashed suspiciously, but soon returned to its normal state. "Maybe you should reconsider your relationship with your husband and ask yourself if you really love him or not."

Emily tightened her lips. "I'm sure that I love him."

Dr. Chen continued as if she wanted to guide Emily in a certain direction, "Have you heard of the old saying—'What you think about during the day is what you will dream about at night'? There must be a reason why you're having dreams of doing such things with another man. Perhaps you are not aware of having feelings for him."

The more Emily listened, the stranger she felt. "I really don't..."

"Are you absolutely certain? Maybe you just don't know yourself as well as you think you do. Having an extra-marital affair isn't unheard of and there is no need to be ashamed of your feelings."

Dr. Chen's words constantly echoed in Emily's ears and disrupted her peace of mind like a curse.

As a result, Emily started to question herself as to whether she really did have hidden feelings for Tyron. But she really didn't have any romantic feelings for him...

Emily concluded that her problem was far from being solved. If anything, it all felt even more complicated than it did before. She wondered if she should see another psychologist...

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