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   Chapter 825 Emily's Special Time

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When Emily came back home she felt queasy, but she wasn't exactly sure why.

Naturally, Jacob noticed that something was off, but since Emily didn't want to mention it, he decided to wait for her instead of forcing her to open up.

However, Emily wasn't going to speak up. When it was already time for bed, she hadn't mentioned anything yet.

This only helped to create more doubts in Jacob's mind.

After washing up, Emily lay on the soft luxury bed, staring at the ceiling, with a hundred thoughts swirling around in her mind.

She had been dreaming about Tyron for two days now.

'Will I continue to dream about him tonight?'

Emily had no idea why she would be scared or nervous to think about it.

Dr. Chen told her that her stress was probably a manifestation of her emotions. It would only get worse if she failed to adjust properly.

Thus, she needed to relax.

But the more she tried, the more nervous she was.

Sleep was starting to feel less like rest and more like a vicious battle waiting to break out.

While she was immersed in her own thoughts, she failed to notice that Jacob had come to her after taking a shower.

"What are you thinking about? You look really spaced-out."

The deep and captivating voice suddenly interrupted Emily's thoughts. She looked up at Jacob, who had just taken a shower, and felt somewhat aggrieved.

"I can't sleep..."

Jacob took her in his arms. "Since we both can't sleep, let's do exercise that can help us fall asleep."

Emily chortled, amused by his words. "Can you be a bit more serious? I mean it. I'm a little confused right now, so I can't sleep with my eyes closed."

In truth, she was afraid to dream about another man again as soon as she fell asleep. If only the man in her dream was Jacob. But why was it Tyron? It was preposterous!

Unfortunately, she could do nothing about it. After all, there was no way to control what

What was the problem?

"Jacob..." Emily pondered whether she should tell Jacob the truth or not, but she was afraid of how he would react once he found out the truth.

Would he find her frivolous and repulsive?

Emily didn't dare to think of what would happen.

After he finally managed to stop Emily from crying, Jacob went to the bathroom to take a cold shower. When he came out, Emily's mood was slightly lighter, but her eyes were still quite red.

Embarrassed, Emily averted his eyes and lowered her head. "Jacob..."

Although Jacob had every right to lose his temper, how could he blame Emily when he saw her like this?

He sighed softly, "Don't think too much. Get some sleep."

Emily wiped her lips and opened her mouth to say something, but in the end she kept silent and just nodded her head.

They lay together in the big soft bed, embracing each other. Emily snuggled up in Jacob's arms with her eyes closed, but she couldn't sleep at all.

The abnormalities of the day had left her feeling restless.

The fact that she couldn't tell what Jacob was thinking right now also troubled her. 'If only I could read his mind!'

Jacob seemed to have noticed her discomfort and said, "Can't you sleep?"

Emily nodded in his arms and mumbled, "Hmm."

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