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   Chapter 823 Did I Do Something Wrong

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8448

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"Enough! No more arguing between the two of you!" Emily broke up their tense quarrel just in time, while rubbing her temples to ease the headache which throbbed there. "Isn't it something worth celebrating that my mother has recovered?"

This time, the two men finally shut their mouths, but they stared at each other with fierce, piercing gazes, like arrows targeting foes.

"Mom." Emily turned to Carol and said, "Since you have almost recovered now, I can't come over and look after you every day anymore. I have other business to take care of. Please understand my situation."

Her job was more than merely an occupation. It was her dream. Now that Carol had recovered and was no longer at any risk, Emily could be more at ease and focus on her career again.

Hearing her words, Carol felt a bit disappointed. "Mom knows. You have been working so hard these past days... But, can I at least come and visit you at your workplace?"

"Of course you can, but only when your wounds are fully healed. So you should stay in hospital until you have fully recovered, please," Emily promised her with a nod.

Finally, they had reached an agreement.

Actually Tyron still had something to tell Emily, but he had to swallow his words given Jacob's presence. His hatred for Jacob continued to grow and spread. How he wished he could grind Jacob under his feet once and for all!

Jacob offered to take Emily to the doctor's room, so they soon left. Seeing their backs disappearing from sight, Carol looked at Tyron asking for help, "Tyron, what should I do? I won't be able to see Emily that often any more..."

Emily was not only her daughter, but also all of her life. At this moment Carol was immersed in anxiety and she tore up.

Tyron couldn't be less anxious than Carol, but he managed to comfort her patiently, "I will think of a way out. I can't let Jacob get away with doing whatever he wants."

On the other side of the hospital, Jacob took Emily to have a thorough check-up because of what had happened last night, but it turned out that there wasn't any physical problems to be detected and she was in good health. So the doctor could only prescribe Emily some medicine for neurasthenia and instructed her to get some rest.

Emily tried hard to put the weird dream behind her, but incredibly, she had a similar dream again later that night!

Tyron showed up in her dream again. But this time, they were even more intimate and lustful, entangled in intense desires.

Although Emily continued to fight aga

and I don't want to lose you too..."

Emily closed her eyes, with the dream flashing back in her mind. She was both ashamed and angry, of herself and of Tyron.

She was sure that if Tyron had not had shown up and lingered around her every day, she would never have had a nightmare like that. It even affected her normal daily life, which she couldn't stand at all. But life would go on, and she had to find a way to deal with her relationship with Tyron.

"My husband, Jacob, doesn't like our frequent interaction. I hope you can understand that. Anyway, he is much too important for me to ignore his feelings." Emily finally found an excuse.

Hearing her straightforward words, Tyron felt like he was being stabbed right through his heart. He tried hard to pretend as if nothing was happening to him, and despite his heart breaking, he suppressed his feelings and said to her, "But don't you think he desires too much to possess you? If a man steps into the life of his woman and decides on her friends, he is sick. He is then far from loving you. Can you see it? Don't you find him horrifying?"

"No! Jacob is not as you think!" The last thing that Emily wanted to hear was Jacob being slandered, and she immediately argued for him, "He is not like what you said! You don't know him at all. Please don't judge him in this way!"

Tyron sneered, "I don't know him, do I? All this time I've gotten close to him several times, so perhaps I know better than you about what kind of person he is!"

In front of Emily, both Jacob and Tyron had concealed their dark sides and had only revealed their bright sides. No one would want their loved one to find out the worst of them.

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