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   Chapter 822 Don’t Distort Her Intention

The Spoiled Girl By Changdu Characters: 12032

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"Do you think I am a bad man?" Jacob murmured as he kissed Emily's neck, "I could be worse than you think. Do you want to give it a try? I can show you if you like."

Emily's cheeks flushed with a tinge of pink, too embarrassed to respond to Jacob's lewd innuendos. Lately, Jacob had been making frequent sexual advances at her, especially in between unsuspecting conversations. He was like a hungry wolf with an insatiable desire for flesh.

"Jacob, stop it. We are a happily married couple with two kids already. Where do you still find all that passion and energy? Is it too much to ask you to behave like a mature adult?" said Emily, averting Jacob's kiss and pretending to be annoyed.

"Are you being serious right now? You are my wife and I am your husband. Why are you so frigid and reserved? Don't turn away my love for you, okay? You should be open to me. Trust me! I will do my best to satisfy you," Jacob replied, looking into Emily's eyes with passion as he kissed her all over.

Enchanted by Jacob's touch, Emily stopped protesting and allowed him to shower her with kisses as he intimately caressed her body with his hands. While she moaned in pleasure, enjoying the man's touch on her bare neck and soft hair, a scene flashed across Emily's mind momentarily. The scene was from the dream she had earlier. The dream was where Tyron kept on kissing her.

Tyron was just as passionate as Jacob, if not more so. Every kiss had a raw intensity—deep and sensual. The image of Tyron's face and his warm breath on her face lingered in Emily's mind, haunting her thoughts no matter how hard she tried to get rid of him.

She shut her eyes tight, hoping to intercept Tyron's face from her mind and focusing all her thoughts on Jacob. But for some reason, Tyron's face overlapped with Jacob's and the man she was making love to had transformed into Tyron!

'No! It was impossible!' Emily clenched her fists, trying to get rid of her thoughts.

Finding it greatly displeasing to continue, she pushed Jacob away from her.

Emily's sudden unexpected reaction caught Jacob by surprise as he thought she was enjoying the moment just as he was. He was scrambling in his mind trying to figure out why his wife looked like she was repulsed by him, all of a sudden.

"Don't touch me. Don't touch me," Emily warned. Judging by the anxiety and fear in her eyes, Jacob suspected that something was wrong. He tried to stroke her hair gently to calm her, but Emily slapped his hand away without hesitation. She kicked and screamed, flailing her arms around in apparent desperation.

Jacob decided to get to the bottom of it and grabbed Emily's hands to stop her from throwing a hissy fit. "Emily, what's wrong? Look at me. I am Jacob. Don't be afraid, okay? Just take it easy and tell me what's bothering you?" Jacob asked with concern, eye-brows knitted.

Eventually, Emily's breathing steadied and the wildness in her eyes had settled down. When she finally came to herself, she realized how unreasonable she had been to Jacob. "Sorry, honey. I don't know what's wrong with me. I didn't mean to push you away like that. Perhaps I'm just a little nervous," she explained.

Jacob understood what she had meant and thought that perhaps he was going too fast and ended up hurting Emily. "Don't be afraid, my dear. Take it easy. I will be gentle to you from now on. You will enjoy it. Trust me, okay?" Jacob comforted her.

Unfortunately, that nightmare still lingered in Emily's mind. Unexplainably, the way Jacob kissed her in reality kept reminding her of the way Tyron treated her in the

with her innocent eyes, completely oblivious to what Jacob intended to express.

Jacob sighed, holding back his anger as he looked at Emily's innocent eyes. Afraid of breaking her heart, he decided to keep the fact that her mother was cheating her hidden for another time. He had a feeling that as though he wouldn't have to wait too long since Carol's day of reckoning was coming inevitably.

Jacob cast a disdainful glare at Carol. The mere thought of feigning respect towards this evil woman sickened him. If it had not been for Emily's sake, Jacob wouldn't even consider wasting his breath on Carol.

"Of course you can stay in the hospital longer if you like. We respect your choice. But it seems too much for Emily to come here and take care of you every day—running from home to hospital and from hospital to home. Oftentimes, I'll find her exhausted and sleep-deprived. Look at her! She looks thinner than before. Perhaps you don't care about her health, but as her husband, her well-being is all that matters to me!" Jacob's tone had a subtle punch to it.

Carol felt offended by Jacob's sarcastic words and she replied angrily with eyes wide open, "What are you talking about? How can you say that to me! Emily is my daughter. Of course, I care about her!"

"If that's true then you don't need Emily to continue like this, right? Since you're almost better now, I assume there's no need for Emily to take care of you every day," Jacob hid his harshness behind a smile.

Carol regretted speaking in a rush and not carefully considering Jacob's words. If Emily stopped to visit her every day, how would she get her to spend time with Tyron? If that were the case, then all of her efforts would be for nothing. All Jacob wanted was for Emily to stay away from her. Now that his plan was working, how would she reverse her mistakes? Suffice it to say, Carol found herself in a difficult spot unable to come up with a proper response.

All of a sudden, as if Carol's prayers had been answered, Tyron walked over to Jacob and spoke on behalf of her, "Mr. Gu, I think the reason why Aunt Carol wants to see Emily every day is because she loves Emily very much. I believe all she wants is the company of her daughter. I am afraid what you said really hurt Aunt Carol's feelings. You must have misunderstood her. Please don't distort her intentions, okay? " Tyron said coldly to Jacob.

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