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   Chapter 821 An Uncanny Dream

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After visiting Carol, Emily went home exhausted. Just as she entered the house, she saw Jacob sitting on the sofa and waiting for her. He came over toward her and held her to his chest as soon as she had changed her shoes. Jacob leaned his head on Emily's shoulder and complained, "How long until Mrs. Lu can leave the hospital? Do you really have to take care of her every day? You're not a nurse! If she wants someone to take care of her, I can pay a nurse to do it."

"It seems that she has to stay in the hospital for a while still." Emily patted his back to comfort him. She thought for a while and said, "After all, she got injured because of me, so I can't just turn a blind eye to her. Besides, she is my mom. What she really needs is not someone else to take care of her. She needs my company."

Hearing this, Jacob was even more displeased. He increasingly suspected that Carol was ganging up with Tyron to lie to Emily, so as to take up her time and make her have less time to be with him, her husband.

"You say she needs your company? Then what about me? And what about Beryl and Bowen? We also need your company!" Jacob voiced his frustration and dissatisfaction with the situation.

"That's a different kettle of fish! It's a special time now. She's a patient. Show your sympathy!" Emily looked at him tenderly and chuckled in her heart as she sensed his jealousy.

"This special time is taking too long! I'll send a specialist to her tomorrow. I'd like to know how long should it take for her to recover. If her wound has healed up, it will also relieve your anxiety. Right?" Jacob said firmly.

Emily was going to complain at his interference, but she then thought that what he had just said was also true. So she just nodded and said, "Alright."

That evening, Emily went to bed early. Thinking that she must be tired after taking care of Carol for all of these days, Jacob didn't bother her any further, and just enfolded her in his arms and slept quietly beside her.

That night, Emily fell into a deep sleep and had an uncanny dream. She dreamed about what happened at the hospital today, but in her dream something different was happening.

In her dream, she went to the hospital as usual. Someone then bumped against her shoulder in the corridor, which made her almost stagger and fall down to the ground.

Luckily, Tyron appeared and held her in his arms. They were so close to each other that Emily could even smell the refreshing and light scent of his cologne. The familiar smell of Tyron's body and the disinfectant fluid on his shirt made her feel relieved and safe.

Just like what had really happened today, Emily freed herself from his hug, but couldn't keep her feet and fell down once again. He wanted to hold her up, but lost his balance too and fell to the floor with her.

She closed her e

e dream. I was forced! I was a victim! So why do I have to feel guilty?' Emily thought in bewilderment, her heart still racing.

Jacob didn't ask more details about her dream, for he was loath to see Emily in such agony and thought it best that she forgot whatever she had dreamed about. Instead, he tried to assuage her panic by making fun of her saying, "Did you have an erotic dream?"

It was an unintentional joke on his part, but it cut straight to the point.

Emily looked at him with astonishment and felt her heart sink. She feared that Jacob could see through her and read her dream. It would be impossible for her to explain if Jacob ever knew about her dream.

But when she realized that Jacob was just kidding, she sighed and drew a deep breath, pretending to be angry. "No! It was not an erotic dream! What's on your mind? You always think about erotic things. But do you really think that everyone thinks about that kind of stuff just like you?" Emily grumbled.

Seeing that Emily was angry, he felt relieved that she had gotten rid of the nightmare. He held her hands to his heart and asked, "Then tell me, what am I thinking about now?"

Emily curled her lips and said, "How can I know? Anyway, it's probably not something good."

Jacob laughed and kissed the tops of her fingers. "It's okay that you scold me. But how can you scold yourself? I won't allow anyone to scold you, including yourself. It hurts me." He stroke her hair and looked at her tenderly.

"Wait. I didn't..." Emily was about to argue.

"Ah, but I was thinking about you. And just now you said that what I was thinking about was not something good. Right? Are you going to deny that you said it? That's not what a good girl would do." Jacob smiled and kissed her cheek.

"Well!" Emily thumped him hard and continued, "You dare to make fun of me! Jacob, you are really the big bad wolf now!"

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