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   Chapter 820 Come With Us, Emily

The Spoiled Girl By Elephant Characters: 11945

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'It doesn't hurt?' Emily asked on her mind, not being aware of what happened. Her eyes were tightly closed in fear as she felt she was falling.

"Emily, are you alright?" a manly voice asked, with anxiety in his tone.

Hearing the question, Emily opened her eyes, and saw a man in a white coat and stethoscope hung in the neck just a few inches away from her face. Their body was so close to each other as the man held her tightly to his chest, preventing her from falling.

"Doctor Fang?" she immediately exclaimed as soon as she recognized the man. The man was heavily panting in one breath, and Emily could not avoid smelling his menthol-fragrant breath. 'He is so close, ' she thought while being charmed by his stare. "Yes, it's me, Emily," Tyron responded, which snapped Emily out of it. "T-thank you, Doctor Fang," she said and got out from his hug hastily, avoiding him to see her blushing cheeks. However, her balance was still off, and she wasn't able to stand firm on her feet, leading her to fall on the ground again.

With this sight, Tyron's adrenaline rush fused up, making him stretched out his hand to Emily again, but this time, he could only grab her right arm back, making him lost his balance.

Before he could fall to Emily, he turned her above him with all his might and waited for his back to clash the ground.

On the other hand, Emily got easily terrified again, so she closed her eyes and waited for another embarrassment to come. 'Why am I so clumsy?' she could only ask herself as she fell. Little did she know, Tyron was quick enough to prevent that from happening.

The pain lingered through Tyron's back naturally as the impact of the fall was quite hard. Ignoring the pain and suppressing himself to groan, he heaved a sigh and lowered his head to check the girl in his embrace. Seeing the girl safe, he was relieved from the pain. "Emily, did you get hurt?" he asked once again to reassure her condition. With that note, Emily opened her eyes with Tyron's worried face welcoming her. "Nope, I'm alright," she said unconsciously and was stunned by his eyes again.

"Are you sure? Can you get off of me now? Unless you are enjoying the sight," Tyron said while suppressing his laughter. He was amused to see Emily dazed with his stare. That was when Emily realized she fell on Tyron's body while being hugged to his chest. Her hands quickly pressed to the ground to help herself to stand up.

"Are you alright, Doctor Fang? I'm so sorry. Are you hurt?" she asked and knelt beside him. Seeing Emily worry made him bite his lips to hide his happiness. The pain was all worth it. To his surprise, Emily held his arms and back to help him sit up. She even dusted off his back and arms. "It's not that painful. Seeing you fall to the ground was much more painful," he said softly.

The feeling of Emily on his hug made him possessive to her. If they had not been in a public place, he could have never let her go and even hugged her more tightly. This crazy torment was making him lose his IQ as a doctor.

There was no reason not to be enticed by this woman.

His lines made Emily blushed hard, even worse than earlier. What she could only say was, "Thank you very much, Doctor Fang."

If it hadn't been for Tyron, she would have shared an intimate action with the ground instead. Landing on Tyron's body was indeed better than falling to the ground. They both stood up, but Tyron's reaction while standing didn't escape from Emily's sight. It was a painful one, making Emily anxious.

"Are you sure your back doesn't hurt?

and started stroking it gently with her hands.

"What seems to be important, Mommy? You're making me nervous," Emily asked with no hesitance, even with a little nervousness. 'My Mom is acting strange. It must have been because of Tyron's passage earlier. Why did he have to tell those cringe words aloud?' she asked herself hysterically.

"We are going back to D country soon. Would you like to go with us?" Carol asked cautiously, afraid of getting rejected right away. Instead of being relieved that the question was not about Tyron, Emily felt horrid even more.

Indeed, she already rejected the idea in her mind and heart as soon as she heard it. Just hearing the words 'D country' made her tremble in the memoirs that started flashing in her mind.

Ever since that jerk named Sean forced her to be Cloris, she loathed D country from the bottom of her heart. It reminded her all of those tragic and horrifying experiences that she promised herself that she would never go back to that hellish place again.

"Bowen is still too young to be on his own. I have to take care of him, and I have no plans of leaving him. I'm sorry, Mom. When Bowen grows older, and Beryl is on her vacation, we will go to D country to visit you. Are we good with that?" she said politely to avoid disappointing her. The thought of displeasing her mother was not good either, but she could not just set aside the gruesome that lingered her when she was thinking of that place.

It was not a surprise for Carol what Emily's reason was. However, it still disheartened her when it came from Emily's mouth. Heaving a sigh, she lowered her head and said, "Alright, I won't pressure you. We'll wait for you in D country. We'll miss you."

With a smile, Carol looked at Emily compassionately yet frustrated. Despite this, Carol's plan of bringing Emily to D country would not settle here. Inside her, she was making another wicked plan and more alas to use.

The naivety of Emily failed to notice Carol's other motives. Returning a smile to Carol, she sweetly said, "I know we will meet in D country very soon, Mom. I'll miss you too."

As soon as Beryl finished her school term and summer vacation came, Bowen would still be too young then. Taking their safety into consideration, she couldn't bring them to D country soon. That was why she was grateful that Carol didn't force her to do so.

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