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   Chapter 819 The Warm Hug

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Jacob was fine, which finally set Emily's mind at rest, but she was still confused. "That cat is still a tame animal, which has been friendly to me and Beryl. And even though it doesn't really like the maids, it has never attacked them. I guess the only reasonable explanation is that dogs and cats just don't like you. Otherwise, how could they be so wild when they meet you? It just doesn't make sense."

Jacob sat beside her quietly. Hearing what she said, he felt guilty. But he was a great pretender, and he covered up his guilt the moment he realized it, giving Emily an expression of self-doubt and innocence. "Don't look at me. I didn't do anything. And I really don't know about these animals. But like the saying goes: like owner, like pet. I am not sure, but is it perhaps possible that its owner trained it to behave like that?" Jacob asked innocently.

The implication was that Ray had taught it to scratch Jacob.

Emily tended to discount his words and said uncertainly, "It is just a little kitten. And I don't think that he would be able to train a cat like that. Personally, the best explanation I have is that you are just not popular with animals."

Jacob shrugged and unfolded his hands. "Well, I didn't do anything to them. So I don't blame myself for not being popular among them."

Emily sighed slightly, "Never mind. Just stay away from them from now on."

A small smile curved Jacob's lips. "Yes, madam."

He knew that his little tricks had worked. Emily believed what he had said and her attitude towards the cat had become unfavorable. However, there were of course reasons why the tame kitten had gotten mad at Jacob, only Emily didn't know that. He had actually poured some powder on himself that animals didn't like. And the smell of the powder had intimidated the little kitten and, out of instinct to protect itself, it had attacked Jacob.

Jacob hadn't liked the cat from the start, and he thought that he might find a justified reason to kick the cat out of his villa by inducing it to hurt him.

He was satisfied that everything had gone as he expected.

Emily called Ray as soon as she went back home.

Her call was taken by his assistant, as Ray was probably busy with work. Emily didn't want to waste time with the assistant, and she bluntly requested that he pick up the cat.

Without wasting more words on an extended explanation, she hung up the phone. About ten minutes later, she received a call from Ray questioning her, "Emily? What on earth do you mean? You promised me that you would take care of my kitten! And now? What do you think you are doing now? Do you want to go back on your promise?"

This wasn't really a big deal, but his tone was by turn angry and aggrieved. It sounded to Emily as if she was being viewed as an irresponsible man who had abandoned his wife and kids, while Ray was the woman who was being abandoned. She was suddenly

him greatly.

And he became much more furious when he was informed that it was because of Jacob having been scratched by a little kitten, that she would have to stay home to take care of her 'patient.' Angrily he muttered to himself, "What a pussy! It's not like he is dying. A scratch won't cost him his life! What? How could he need her help? Is he still a man?!"

Carol didn't feel well either and grumbled, "It turns out that, for Emily, Jacob will always be the most important person..."

Tyron had his own doubts about the severity of the incident. The scratches wouldn't have been a big deal. And they would definitely fade away in a couple days. Jacob was then pretending! Being 'weak and incapacitated' would earn him much more attention from Emily. Therefore he was taking advantage of his injuries! As for Emily, she had more important things to do, so she was then less likely to have been the one who requested to stay at home with him. 'Need someone's help? Well then come to the hospital! I can provide you with the best nursing care.

What a pussy... Sorry! Wrong, what a dick...'

Jacob had deprived Tyron of the opportunity to see Emily, and thus his anger towards Jacob deepened even further. He prayed in his heart that Jacob's injuries would become infected by the cat and fester.

Meanwhile, Emily didn't know the bitter extent of Tyron's thinking. On the next day, as usual, she came to the hospital to take care of Carol. As she was about to enter into the ward, she bumped into someone who walked by in a hurry.

Emily wasn't able to get out of his way. The only thing she felt at that moment was the aching impact on her shoulder, and she was almost knocked down to the floor.

'I am going to have a terrible fall!' Emily thought fearfully as she saw the ground rush up to her. But the very next second, someone put his arms around her waist, and she didn't fall on the floor but fell into a warm hug!

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