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   Chapter 818 It Is Always Wise to Play Safe

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7155

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A hint of resignation flashed through Jacob's eyes as he saw clearly the sly smirk on Emily's face. "You do know that Beryl will vote for you, right? That's not fair," he complained.

Emily giggled, "Why would it be unfair? That's just how the majority rule works."

Jacob grabbed her by the waist and said, "Fine. It's just a cat. But don't forget to tell him to take it back as soon as he can. Our home is not the pet store. If Beryl wants a pet, we can buy one ourselves. We can afford whichever she prefers."

'Why would Beryl like such an ugly grey cat? It's just as ugly as its owner!' Jacob added in his mind.

"Okay, got it. I am only doing this because I owe him a favor. You know that, right?" Emily comforted him.

"If he dares to ask you to do anything more because of this, just tell him to come and see me! I'm really curious to see what it is that he actually wants!"

Jacob suspected that Ray was just deliberately taking advantage of the fact that Emily owed him a favor and using it as an excuse to get close to Emily. In any case, Jacob decided to put an end to it as quickly as he could!

Emily nodded, "Okay, but not this time. Honey, don't be so jealous or you will get old faster."

"Get old faster?" Jacob's voice became serious as he pinched Emily's slim waist and whispered, "Tonight, you will find out whether your husband is old or not."

At night, when they went to sleep, Emily paid for all the things she had said before. Jacob did not let her go even until she screamed and begged for mercy in bed.

Jacob nibbled at her ears and bit her neck like a wild animal clamping its prey. He drained her of all strength little by little...

The following morning, Emily felt paralyzed from her head to her toes.

On the contrary, Jacob seemed satisfied with himself as if he had achieved some kind of accomplishment, as he watched Emily sleeping next to him.

Jacob lowered his head to leave a light kiss on her forehead and then dressed up quietly before leaving the room.

The maid was feeding Beryl breakfast while the babysitter marshalled Bowen on her lap, singing rhymes and playing ga

her as if he did not care about the wound at all.

However, there was nothing he could say at the moment to take her mind of his injury. "Of course, I have to worry. Do you know how many germs a cat carries in its claws? You need to go to the hospital with me to get anti-rabies shots, just to be safe."

"Do I have to? It's just a cat," said Jacob.

"It is always wise to play safe," Emily stressed her point.

"Okay." Jacob seemed reluctant but deep down he felt very happy knowing that Emily cared about him so much. "So, what about the cat?" he added.

Emily finally cast a glimpse at the cat which was still purring at her and turned back to Jacob. "I will call Ray to take it away as soon as possible. Or we can take it to the animal shelter and hire people to take care of it."

Jacob nodded his head and said, "Okay, your wish is my command."

Emily ordered the maid to bring the medical kit so that she could clean up Jacob's wounds. She was in such a rush to take him to the hospital that she decided to skip breakfast.

However, there was no way Jacob was going to let her set foot outside the house without having breakfast. As soon as they were done with all the safety measures at the hospital, Emily finally breathed a sigh of relief when the doctor told her that there was nothing to worry about.

"I told you I was fine. Now do you believe me?" Jacob patted Emily's shoulder to comfort her.

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