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   Chapter 817 Its Name Is Quite Like Yours

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Leaving the pet store, Emily immediately drove to Beryl's school.

She arrived early so Beryl had not been let off from class yet. Emily texted Ray to tell him that she had picked up the cat.

Within a minute, Ray had quickly replied with a one-word answer, a single "Okay" without even a period in the message. Emily pouted her lips and opened another e-mail on her phone to continue her work.

Not knowing how much time had passed, Emily jumped slightly as someone knocked on the car window. Looking up, she noticed that it was Beryl, so she quickly opened the door.

"Mommy, what were you looking at just now?"

Beryl's voice came through the open door. Emily was momentarily flustered, as she had been focused on the emails. She turned off her phone and put it in her bag before she helped Beryl into the car and then slid behind the wheel.

"Nothing serious, my darling. I'm dealing with something concerning my work. How about you? How was school?" Emily asked gently.

"Quite good. Mommy, I sang an English song in class today and even the teacher praised me."

Sitting tall with a prim and proper straight back, Beryl smiled and reached out her hand to wave it in front of her mother's face to show off the sticker on her hand.

Emily reached out to close the driver's door and saw the little sticker, a gold star, on Beryl's fair hand. She rubbed Beryl's head and praised, "Oh, good girl! Well done, my little princess!"

At that moment, a low meow sounded from the back of the car, as if the cat also agreed with what Emily had just said.

Beryl quickly widened her big, ebony eyes upon hearing the sound and excitedly asked, "Mommy! Did you hear that?"

"Yeah, Beryl, you are right. It's a cat. Mommy's friend is going on a business trip. So we need to help by looking after the cat for several days." Emily nodded her head and pointed at the trunk.

Emily knew that Beryl had loved pets since her early childhood. Therefore, when Emily knew that Ray had to leave the cat with her, the first thing she thought of was how much Beryl would enjoy the cat and love spending time with it.

"Wow, wow, wow! Really?" -

As Emily had expected, Beryl could not help feeling exited and she even screamed with joy as she found out about the

come to live with us for several days," Beryl explained to Jacob. Having gotten Emily's permission, Beryl happily took over the cat basket from the maid.

"Oh, be careful and don't let Beryl get hurt by the cat," Jacob ordered the maid as he absently watched Beryl carrying the cat into the yard. Obviously, he was not interested in the cat at all.

"Jacob, why don't you ask me whose cat it is?" Emily was a little surprised at Jacob's lack of interest this time.

Jacob would have asked the same question before, no matter what Emily brought back home, but he did not ask anything about the pet this time.

"So, whose cat is it?" Jacob's eyes narrowed, as if he had just been waiting for Emily to ask him first so that he could ask the question following her query.

Emily felt some regret for digging herself a trap as she touched her forehead and murmured in a low voice, "It's Ray's."

"Who?" Jacob's brows bristled upon hearing that name again and his voice had turned icy as he spoke, "Why would you still connect with him even now? His cat is not welcome in our house. It's forbidden."

"No, you can't do that! I have already picked up the cat. Regardless, we should wait for Ray to come back to take it away. Otherwise, it's too cruel for the poor cat."

Emily knew quite clearly how domineering Jacob could be so she had already formed a plan on the way home with Beryl. "How about this? Let's get Beryl back in here and we can vote on the decision together," she added innocently.

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