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   Chapter 816 Amiee

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Even before, Emily knew how Ray could get childish and rebellious at times. Because of this, she decided not to go back to the hospital after the tea break with Tyron. Before they parted ways, she asked Tyron to tell Carol that she was sorry she couldn't come back to take care of her, and that she had something to take care of.

As she sat inside her car, she called back Ray's number.

It seemed as if Ray had been waiting for her to call back, as he answered at the first ring.

"It's been an hour and five minutes since I hung up the phone. You really took your time to eat your meal! Or maybe you were just enjoying your date with someone?"

Ray's voice was like a lazy cat, charming and seemingly sweet, but his words did not make Emily feel pleased.

'What is he even saying? He's so annoying!' thought Emily as she rolled her eyes. "I'm not dating anyone! We're just friends. Be careful with your words, Ray," she warned.

'If Jacob found out that I went out with Tyron, he would surely feel jealous. And then I would have to be the one to suffer, ' she thought to herself.

"Oh, is that so? Then who is this friend of yours? Is he so important that you'd have tea with him for more than an hour?"

In truth, Ray already knew that Tyron was once Emily's doctor. He had also done some background check on Tyron. In spite of this, Ray still pretended to know nothing about Tyron because of his own personal agendas.

"You've met him once before. He was my doctor," answered Emily, not thinking much about revealing Tyron's identity to Ray.

"An hour isn't that long, you know," she continued. "It's different for you. You're a movie star. Every minute wasted means there's a lot of money that you haven't made. That's why you feel like it's too long. Anyway, I'm so sorry to keep you waiting."

Hearing Emily's explanation, Ray scoffed. However, he was smiling complacently. "Fine. Whatever you say," he said sarcastically.

"Oh, what do you want me to do?" Emily complained, pouting.

'It's been a while since Ray last contacted me. He must want to say something to me other than to pry

Ray seemed to be ready to keep Amiee in the pet store as he prepared everything for the cat--food, cat sand and toys. Therefore, Emily didn't have to get anything else and only had to take the cat home.

With the help of the receptionist, Emily quickly moved all the things into her car.

"Hi, may I ask you a question?" clasping her hands behind Emily, the receptionist asked gingerly, standing close by Emily.

"Go ahead." Emily did not notice the receptionist's inquisitive eyes.

"Are you Mr. Ray's...." Fearing that someone might hear their conversation, the receptionist stepped closer and whispered, "Are you his girlfriend?"

Emily was stunned for a while, blinking her eyes in surprise. "Of course not! Why would you ask that?"

Ray was a famous star so Emily was extremely careful whenever they showed up in the same place. Emily was afraid that they would be shot again by the paparazzi and get into some trouble just like last time.

"Mr. Ray never allows any other girls to touch his cat. We have a boy working at the store, and he's the only one to be allowed to take care of Amiee."

Thinking that she could not even touch Ray's cat, the receptionist pouted her mouth.

"Oh, really?" Looking at the cat, Emily could not help but reach out to pet it.

As soon as Emily's fingers touched Amiee, she started to purr loudly. The cat was not at all how Ray described it to Emily.

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