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   Chapter 815 Ray Got The Picture

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"Yeah, of course. You aren't him. You two are quite different from each other,"

she answered with a laugh. It was obvious that she didn't get the underlying meaning from what Tyron had just said. Just then, their orders came. The server put down two plates and two cups of macchiato onto the table.

Narrowing his eyes at Emily, Tyron slowly pushed the chocolate mousse towards Emily. "Tell me then," he started. "What's the difference between me and him? If I remember correctly, you've said before that Sean and I look kind of similar or something like that."

"Uh-huh. In fact, if the two of you stood side by side with your backs toward me, I wouldn't be able to tell who was who. Aside from that, there's really nothing much similar between you two." Before taking a sip at her macchiato, Emily looked up at Tyron with a sweet smile.

After being around with Tyron for some time now, she did have a feeling that he was not like Sean as she initially thought. However, she could see some traces of Sean from Tyron's back figure.

"I think the biggest difference between you and Sean, in terms of appearance, is that he looks more mature than you do. You look so much younger," Emily added, tilting her head slightly as she tried to remember how Sean looked like exactly.

To her, Sean was an elder brother who was kind and nice that she could trust. On the other hand, Tyron was more like a genial friend since he was almost the same age as she was.

"Younger?" scoffed Tyron, unsatisfied with Emily's explanation. "Do you mean that I am childish?" he asked as he pushed up his spectacles.

Clasping his hand over the table, Tyron looked intently at Emily, waiting for her answer. His eyes gleamed faintly under the lenses. He acted like an unhappy, little fox, which made Emily shocked. Then she hurriedly put down her drink to defend herself.

"No, of course not. You misunderstood me. What I meant was you look.... well... more..."

After a long pause, Emily still couldn't find a proper word to express what she was trying to say. Then she found that the more she tried to explain, the harder it became, so she was so anxious that her face reddened all of a sudden.

"What? More what?" Tyron pressed, leaning forward. A dazzling smile flashed on his face. It was quite enjoyable for him to watch Emily in such an embarrassed situation.

He knew then what Emily was trying to say, and so he understood that she was having some trouble wording out her thoughts.

"Fine. I didn't mean it that way. If you don'

ould imagine the numb look on Emily's face as she held onto her phone. Blinking his eyes, he glared up at the ceiling.

'What a stupid woman!'

Lowering eyes slightly, Ray asked with a much calmer voice, "You didn't expect that I would call you, huh? Then why didn't you call me first? Have you forgotten that I'm your benefactor?"

Ray's mood was all over the place today! When she heard what he said, she couldn't help but double check the name on the screen.

"It's definitely Ray..."

she said under her breath. However, it wasn't quiet enough for Ray not to hear. "Emily, if it weren't me, then who else you think could be?" he asked, laughing sarcastically. "Did you think I was Jacob?"

Emily tightened lips, not anticipating that he would be able to hear what she had just muttered. "I didn't mean that," she denied. Sighing, she continued, "Well. Why did you call me? I'm having a meal with my friend outside now. How about I call you back later?"

She took a glance at Tyron with an apologetic look on her face because she felt sorry for keeping him waiting until she finished the call. Thus, she tried to hang up Ray's call without a second thought.

"Well..." When Ray remembered the man on the photo who seemed to be a refined scum, he hung up the phone before Emily could.

If Emily called him back out of her own initiative, then that would be great for him.

Hearing the line cut abruptly, Emily looked at her phone, feeling quite confused and shocked.

"What's wrong?" Tyron asked while looking at her.

"Nothing that matters. It's just a naive small kid who is so bored and has nothing to do, so he made a phone call to me," Emily replied casually.

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