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   Chapter 813 You Have Worked Hard

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7586

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Emily knew Jacob's character was one of never giving up. So she had to say something to please him. "Okay, my dear husband, what did you do at the company today?"

Kissing her on the lips, Jacob answered, "Of course, only thinking about you."

"Ge..." Emily, as if his words were too much to bear, pushed his face away. She chided him gently, "How come you're becoming so sappy these days?"

"I'm not." Jacob would not admit it. He continued kissing her on the neck, leaving red suction marks on her white skin.

Emily's body suddenly crumpled under his passionate ministering and she yielded to him like a fresh spring petal, letting him do whatever he wanted to...

The temperature in the room continued to rise, as he left infinite affections on her trembling body.

The next day, Emily only got up late because of Jacob's affections that night, and she went to the hospital to visit Carol in the afternoon.

It was hot. The sun was a scorching disc in the sky, even in the late afternoon.

While only out in the boiling sun for a short while, Emily's forehead was soon covered with sweat, and her face reddened. Only as she entered the hallways of the hospital, and felt the cool air blown by the air-conditioner, did she feel somewhat revived.

She sat in the hall for a while to recover and then brought the light delicious porridge to the VIP ward where Carol was being cared for. "Mom, I am here."

Her voice fell, as a slender hand reached over and took the heavy porridge box from her.

"Emily, you must be tired in this heat." Tyron looked at Emily's sunburnt face, with a slight tinge of heartache in his eyes.

He didn't want to see her being so tired. But if Emily did not come to the hospital, he wouldn't have a chance to see her.

Emily briefly looked at his duplicitous face, and unsure of his intentions, she merely nodded and entered the ward.

Carol was still taking a nap. Considering her poor health, the air-conditioner was not on in the ward. As soon as Emily entered the room, she felt hot again and began to sweat profusely once more.

Seeing this, Tyron took out a white handkerchief, and passed it to her. He said, "Dab your brow. It's a little hotter inside the ward than outside, but it's the best temperature for p

about you."

Emily was embarrassed when she heard that it was Tyron who had carried her here, but she did not say anything in the end.

Tyron pretended not to have seen her expression change. He came up to her and reached out to feel her forehead. "What's wrong with you? Do you feel dizzy?"

Emily felt like a panicked, trapped rabbit. She tried to push Tyron's hand away out of instinct, but she accidentally slapped the back of his hand instead!

She was shocked to see an angry, red bruise spread across the back of his palm.

Emily suddenly realized that she had over-reacted, so she was at a loss of what to do. She had to apologize, "Sorry, I didn't do that on purpose. Does it hurt? Are you okay?"

"It's nothing," he shortly denied. Tyron covered the back of his hand with his other hand, and smiled at her gently. "It's nothing. It doesn't hurt at all. How could I possibly get hurt from such a soft blow?"

"But I saw it turning red..." Emily was at a loss for words.

"Only a little. Don't blame yourself."

Tyron's unassuming answer was really smart, as it made Emily feel more guilty. She stuttered, "I am really sorry! I don't know why I did that. It's probably because I just woke up and was a bit confused."

"Then you can invite me to an afternoon tea to make up for it." Tyron smiled demurely, as if he could tolerate anything she did.

Facing such an act, Emily felt ill at ease. But considering that she had been in the wrong first, she had to agree to it, "... Okay."

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