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   Chapter 811 Embracing The Spring

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Never did Emily think bad of others, nor did she give any bad meanings into what others did... She quickly agreed to Carol. "No problem. It is just a simple matter of peeling an apple."

Carol quickly answered, "No need to peel. I like to eat my apples unpeeled. Just go and wash one in the washroom for me."

"All right." After taking a big red apple, she walked towards the only washroom in the ward.

As she was about to open the door, it suddenly burst open. A warm steam seeped out and she inhaled its faint fragrance.

Blinking her eyes several times to see clearly, she was surprised to see Tyron standing in front of her.

His black hair dripping wet, his white shirt hanging loosely... He had just finished taking his bath. His delicate collarbones, strong chest and eight-packed abs were clearly visible under his wet shirt.

He wore a pair of black trousers, tightly hugging his long straight legs and outlining his perfect figure.

Tyron exuded charm and manly sexiness which would definitely attract anyone who would see him at the moment.

His main goal: SEDUCE EMILY

After the issue with Jessie last time, he knew there was no way for Jacob to leave his wife. It only made Jacob more vigilant with whatever complications his marriage might suffer in the days to come. Jacob didn't want to have a second Jessie episode in the future. For Tyron, what happened last time made things worse. It strengthened the love between Jacob and Emily.

But it only made Tyron more decided not to lose the bait with the fish.

His plan was to steal her heart by making her fall in love with him. If that would happen, he was assured she would come to him and be with him of her own free will.

The moment Tyron saw Emily in front of him, he tried his best to look surprised. It didn't escape his notice how startled Emily look while checking him out. "Emily! What are you doing here?" he asked feigning ignorance.

To make it more real, he even pretended to be shy and tucked in his shirt.

"You..." Finally coming to her senses, Emily looked away and retreated several steps. "Put on your clothes quickly. Remember, you are in a hospital. Why aren't you dressed properly?"

Before Tyron could

uld do something, she heard Carol speak up.

"Oh, Emily and Tyron! I'm so happy to see you two get along so well with each other." She took Emily's hands and held them dearly. She, then, gazed at Tyron and said, "You, Tyron, must take good care of your sister. Protect her from any harm."

"Of course I will," he promised. Though those were just a few words, he took them seriously. For him, it was A VOW TO BE KEPT FOR ETERNITY.

Emily felt suddenly uneasy. But when she saw the happiness on Carol's face, she decided to keep quiet and not spoil her fun. She remained where she was.

Fortunately, Tyron did the same. Being a very disciplined person, he maintained his distance --- not too close nor too far --- from her.

From where Emily was seated, she could smell his fragrance, clean and cold like the melting snow during winter.

"Then, I will always be at peace." In her heart, Carol longed for Emily and Tyron to be together. For her, Tyron looked a little like Sean. Looking at the two of them, she saw her own children, Sean and Cloris.

Her heart, full of wounds, was soothed and tranquilized.

If only time would stop at this moment...

The atmosphere in the room suddenly turned light and peaceful. Even Tyron enjoyed the moment. As long as he could see Emily, he would be happy.

He had never loved a woman, the way he loved Emily, before. He loved her so much!

He felt so contented and happy, like embracing the spring in the winter days.

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