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   Chapter 809 You Are Afraid That I Would Seize The Culprit.

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Jacob answered without hesitation, "I said that, implying that you had done a favor for her, because you had made preparations for her escape and disappearance!"

Hearing what Jacob said, Tyron didn't show any sense of guilt or remorse, as if he hadn't done anything wrong. He even laughed aloud, then he replied in a tone laden with sarcasm, "I have to say that you have a fabulous imagination, Mr. Jacob. I don't know this woman. I have no relationship with her. Why should I have helped her?"

"Even now, you are still trying to deny everything!" Jacob exclaimed and stared at Tyron with a cold face. His eyes were full of bitter anger. Then he continued, "The whole matter was directed and orchestrated by yourself and that woman, so as to break down the affection between Emily and I!"

If he hadn't had the vasectomy five months ago, then he would have had no way to prove his innocence when confronted by Jessie's testimony on that day. The one who was behind this conspiracy was truly demonic in their intentions!

Tyron still kept calm and asked, "Mr. Jacob, is there any advantage for me in doing this? Since you have apparently figured out so many of the details, then surely you have also decided on what my intention would have been?"

"How dare you still pretend innocence? You think I don't know that you have been coveting my wife?" Jacob raged then.

"Don't be ridiculous! As far as relations are concerned, Emily and I are cousins! How could I have any other feelings for her?"

Jacob sneered, "As far as relations go, Sean and Emily were brother and sister! That didn't stop him at all! He had done so many things worse than a monster. Should I tell you about them one by one? None of the members of your Lu family are good people! All of you are disgusting!"

"Enough is enough! Stop arguing now!" Emily had been listening to their quarrel, and it had become so noisy that she felt quite sickened by it. Her temples throbbed with pain, as she continued, "Tyron, I hope you can give me a reasonable explanation for this."

As Tyron heard her, the expression on his face subtly changed as if offended. He seemed to stare at Emily with disbelief and asked, "Emily, are you now also doubting me?"

Without knowing why, Emily felt a bit guilty as Tyron stared at her. Not sure how to deal with this, she avoided his eyes and replied, "After all, you have lied to me before, so my trust in you is greatly reduced."

"Well, I see." Tyron forced a tight smile which disappeared in a grimace, then he spoke after a long pause, "I

t bear to see children suffering or in pain. She habitually donated large amounts of money to charity organizations to improve the lives of children there.

The more Tyron spoke, the more Jacob felt the incredulity of his words. He asked, "Tyron! What are you talking about? If you wanted to help that woman so painstakingly, you could just have said so up front. Don't use this as an excuse now. Do you honestly think that I would have done any harm to that child?"

Tyron didn't answer him but instead asked, "If you had caught Jessie, can you guarantee that you would not have done anything to her? If the mother was being hurt, so would the baby! How could the baby have been safe and sound after the mother had suffered your revenge?"

After hearing this, Jacob felt as if he would explode in anger!

What did he mean? Did Tyron think that he was a ruthless and cruel devil? As soon as Emily had told him to let it go, he would definitely not have done anything to harm the woman. Besides, according to the law, a pregnant woman could not even be jailed.

But that didn't mean that she could be absolved of all her responsibilities just because she was pregnant! She couldn't simply do whatever she wanted without paying the price! So it had been unreasonable for Tyron to let Jessie go!

Jacob had to admit that Tyron had accurately captured Emily's psychological state of being. After hearing what Tyron had said, she was moved by his plea, but she still held some reservation about it.

Then Tyron continued, "I know that I have done something wrong, but I will not ask you to forgive me. However, since I have let that woman go, then I will undertake the punishment on her behalf."

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