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   Chapter 808 A Impulse Of Touching her

The Spoiled Girl By Changdu Characters: 8806

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It took a great deal of effort for Emily to hold back the desire of hurling abuses and suppressing all her anger while forming a reproachful sentence. Clenching her fists, she closed her eyes and breathed in and out to calm herself down.

As Emily's attending physician, Tyron had been there to take care of her ever since she was hospitalized. Within time, his reliability and kindness convinced Emily of his trustworthiness.

Due to the fact that she trusted him so much, Emily didn't expect him to treat her like a simple-minded, unsuspecting woman.

Her faced flushed red with anger and her throat closed up. Tyron looked at her with a meaningful smile on his face, driven by an impulse of touching her rosy face with his hands.

Finding it hard to hold himself back, he reached out to touch her face and said, "I'm sorry to have caused you to misunderstand me. That was not my intention."

Tyron had exquisitely manicured hands. They were perfect, soft and smooth, like an infant. His fingers were long and slender, weighed down with three antique rings. With hands like that it seemed as though the man had never done a day's manual labor in his life.

Emily was taken aback, staring apprehensively at the big hand slowly approaching her.

Fortunately, before he could reach Emily's face, a roar from behind froze him on the spot.

"What are you doing, Tyron?"

Jacob, who rushed to the hospital as soon as he had dealt with the problem over the phone. He was driven to a fit of rage when he saw Tyron reaching out to touch Emily's face.

Almost like a lightning bolt, he quickly grabbed Tyron by the hand.

"Tyron, if you touch my woman, I will break your hands," Jacob warned him. Burning rage hissed through Jacob's body and he glared at Tyron as if he was going to rip him to shreds. The moment he saw Tyron, he felt the monster inside him awaken, begging for a release in the form of violence.

Grabbing Tyron's hand with all his strength, Jacob put him in a painful armlock, threatening to break it. Tyron felt tremendous pain and his brows furrowed, but he didn't utter any words of remorse.

Casting a quick glance at Emily, Tyron shifted his sights towards Jacob, and a glint of anger flashed in his eyes. "Jacob, do you have any idea how valuable my hands are?"

"Do I look like a care? It's not like I can't afford the price of breaking your fingers," Jacob sneered, his cold eyes filled with disdain.

Jacob was the richest and most influential businessman in all of Jingshi City. It was clear that Tyron's threats fell on deaf ears as Jacob openly dismissed his concerns like they were nothi

the answer to that question, right?"

A while ago, when Jacob had gone out to answer the phone, the call wasn't actually regarding corporate business. In truth, it was about the investigation of Jessie.

Tyron realized that he had underestimated Jacob's ability. This man was so smart and resourceful that he must have found some clues about what had happened that day.

Tyron's eyelids flickered as he pretended to be confused and asked, "I don't know. Why don't you tell me what happened?"

"Do you really not know? Or are you pretending to be ignorant? Didn't Jessie pinch your hand that day?"

When Jacob saw that Tyron was still insisting on his innocence, Jacob revealed his secret, exposing Tyron's treachery.

During the investigation, Jacob's men was checking the surveillance videos, trying to find out that who had given Jessie nurse clothes, which she used to disguise herself as a nurse and escaped from the hospital. Instead, they found Jessie secretly pinched Tyron's hand when she was supposed to be fainted earlier in the corridor. This was evidence enough to prove that Jessie had been in cahoots with Tyron, conspiring against Jacob.

As it turned out, after Jessie feigned unconsciousness, she quietly pinched Tyron's hand when he had been checking her body. Although Tyron was aware of the fact that Jessie was just pretending, he deliberately hid the truth.

This showed that there must have been a special relationship between Tyron and Jessie.

"Oh, that! I thought it was just a reflex on Jessie's part, so I didn't pay much attention to it," Tyron explained nonchalantly as if what he spoke was nothing but the truth.

"Do you think that she pinched me to give me a hint? What could she possibly want from me?"

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