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   Chapter 807 One More Uncle

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In the family tree, Tyron was Carol's nephew, and Carol was Emily's mother. Therefore, it was perfectly fine if Beryl called Tyron uncle.

When Emily heard what Carol said, she turned to Beryl and patted her shoulder, "Beryl, Dr. Fang is your grandmother's nephew and my cousin, so you have to call him your uncle."

Meanwhile, Beryl recalled that she'd seen Tyron in Emily's ward before--but she only thought that he was a handsome doctor. Now, Tyron was suddenly her uncle which made her feel a little uneasy.

"Mom. If I call him uncle, then Uncle Sean would be jealous," Beryl scrunched her nose and grabbed Emily's skirt.

Sean hated it when someone or something bothered Beryl and Emily when he was still alive. Thus, he was the only uncle in Beryl's mind.

"No, your Uncle Sean and I are cousins, so he won't be jealous. I even think that your Uncle Sean would be happy to know that you have one more uncle to love you," Tyron said as he knelt down to Beryl's eye level.

He took her small hand and softly coaxed her. He did not notice that Emily got shocked and her eyes twinkled with a strange light when she heard what he said.

It was because Emily had remembered a conversation she had with Tyron in the ward before.

At that time, Emily asked Tyron if he knew Sean or not. Tyron told her that he didn't know Sean, but he had heard about him.

In addition, Tyron asked her what kind of person Sean was, and she told him what she thought of him…

Now Tyron just told Beryl that he and Sean were cousins? 'Did Tyron lie to me all this time?!' Emily wondered.

Her eyes drifted to Tyron and a flurry of strange feelings swirled in her chest.

'Yes, Tyron and Sean are cousins. How can they not know each other?' Emily recalled what Jacob had said before as well, and she shuddered in discomfort.

"Mom?" A jolt of pain shot in Beryl's shoulder, which made her lips curve into a delicate frown as she looked at Emily in confusion.

Emily was stunned and she finally realized that she had jus


Then again, Emily's hostile gestures made Tyron feel helpless. If only he hadn't lied to her, then maybe things would have gone easier.

"When I was a child, I lived with the Lu family for quite some time. But after I moved away, I rarely talked to them--so I really didn't know that you had such a past with them."

He added, "I was very vigilant when you told me about Sean, because he was popular when he was at school. Many girls wanted to know him through me. Before, I guessed that you were one of them, so…"

"So you lied to me and told me that you didn't know him, but you still tried to get my thoughts on him?" Emily asked with a frown.

Tyron did not deny it. "Yes, I didn't expect that you were so simple and just told me when I asked you," he said as his beautiful peach blossom eyes filled with mirth.

Thus, from that moment onwards, Tyron felt that it wasn't bad for Emily to be the daughter of the Lu family. At least in that way, they could protect her so she could always live a simple and carefree life.

However, Emily didn't know Tyron's real thoughts so she just glared at him.

"I believed you! I thought that you were someone who looked up to Sean, so I told you some things about him--but I didn't think that you were trying to get something out of me! Tyron, you've truly gone too far this time!"

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