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   Chapter 806 My Mother's Cousin Is Also My Uncle

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Many people came to the hospital, while Sam was already waiting at the gate.

"Mr. Jacob..." Seeing Jacob's car arrive, Sam stepped forward with a stiff upper lip and opened the car door for him. Then he greeted formally.

"Tell me about the details. How could a person just run away?"

Jacob merely glanced at him, then he helped Beryl and Dylan one by one from the car.

"Here's the thing. Jessie changed into a nurse's uniform and snuck out when our men were not watching her," Sam answered while greeting Emily with a courteous nod.

A nurse's uniform? It seemed then that she had planned to escape all along. Jacob frowned heavily and asked, "Who gave her the nurse's uniform?"

Sam had known that Jacob would ask about it. so he had already sent someone to investigate it. However, the outcome was not in the least satisfying.

"We don't know. When she got the nurse's uniform, she was not within the range of a surveillance camera. As a result, the camera didn't catch the scene, neither had our people seen it."

'If she had harbored an intention to escape, it would be impossible for her not to leave any evidence, ' Jacob thought while slightly narrowing his brooding eyes.

Since the person who assisted her, thoroughly knew about the blind spots of the surveillance camera, he must have been very experienced. Otherwise, he was quite familiar with the environment of the hospital.

"You go and dig up who had any contact with her after she fainted today,"

Jacob ordered Sam. He didn't believe that the person who had given the nurse's uniform to Jessie and helped her escape was an invisible man.

Emily heard all of their conversation clearly from the side, then she looked over at Beryl and Dylan who were holding each other's hands tightly. She pulled at the sleeve of Jacob's coat and then persuaded, "Jacob, just let it go. Since she had done nothing bad to us, we'd better not chase her. It is not easy for her as a pregnant woman."

"But..." Jacob turned around to look at Emily, then he muttered, "I will do just as you request, Emily."

After he finished speaking, Jacob held Dylan's hand while he ordered, "You don't need to investigate Jessie. Rather go and check on the child's DNA sample and find out whom it belongs to."

Since Jessie had been quite certain that the parent-child report was truthful, then it meant that the DNA sample used to do the paternity test belonged to one of his children.

And his only children were Beryl and Bowen...

"Yes, Sir." Sam nodded, accepting the task with a serious face. Then he walked away to make a phone call.

Since Beryl

away her tears and comforted, "Grandma, please don't cry. If you cry, Beryl will be very sad, too."

After finishing Beryl looked around the ward with her big eyes searching. Then she raised her head to look at Emily and asked, "Mom, where is Uncle Sean? You know that Uncle Sean is the only one who can coax grandma most effectively. Can you call him to come here quickly?"

"Uncle Sean?"

Hadn't Sean been gone for so long a while?

When Carol heard the innocent question from Beryl, she was shocked. She looked at Emily with her watery eyes full of confusion. "Emily?"

Knowing what Carol was going to ask, Emily shook her head and replied to her in a low voice, "I haven't told Beryl about that yet."

While speaking, Emily bent her body to help Beryl brush some wrinkles out of her dress. "Beryl, your uncle is still in D country, so he is not able to come here to visit your grandma. Thus, mom is giving you a task. You should find a way to make your grandma happy. Can you do that?"

"What..." Hearing that Sean hadn't come to Z country, a faint but disappointed expression flashed in Beryl's ebony eyes. "How come my uncle doesn't show up at such a critical moment?"

"I think Beryl will definitely manage to do it. Mom, don't worry!" Beryl reached up and patted Emily's shoulders with her small hands to comfort her.

At this moment, Tyron overheard their conversation. He blinked emotionally, then he walked forward to touch Beryl's head.

"Beryl, who says that your uncle won't show up at a critical moment? I am here."

"What?" Both Emily and Beryl were frozen by what Tyron had just said.

"Yeah. Beryl, let grandma introduce you two. He is your mother's cousin. So he is also your uncle. Please call him uncle."

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