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   Chapter 805 Jessie Has Escaped

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Since Emily left D country, she had completely lost contact with the Lu family. What was more, Carol and Alfred also seemed to have no courage to initiate a first connection with Emily. Therefore, they had not seen each other for a long time.

"Really? But it doesn't seem like something like that."

Jacob was deep in thought as he knew that Emily could not understand what he had meant. But he did not know how to describe the feeling precisely.

"Well, darling, maybe you just think too much?" Emily pouted her delicate lips and pinched Jacob's stern cheek.

In Emily's view, Jacob would always be jealous, so he probably said that just because she had used too much time to take care of Carol recently.

Jacob humped lightly and took away Emily's hand. "Maybe, but just remember if you find anything wrong, tell me immediately. What's more, stay away from Tyron. He is not so simple and innocent as you think."

It seemed that Jacob did not doubt the veracity of Carol's intentions to get close to Emily. However, he still could not help the restless feelings at the back of his mind. Jacob had on the one hand reminded Emily to stay away from Tyron, while on the other hand, he ordered people to watch the Lu couple.

"Tyron? What's wrong with him? He is a good man. What's more, he did not do anything to harm me, either." Emily murmured in a low voice, pulling back her hand from Jacob's.

Tyron had brought Emily some trouble but it was not all his fault or even anything he could have controlled. What was more, Tyron had also helped to fix these troubles later, so he did not seem like a bad guy.

'Which man would dare to show his affection to me-Jacob's wife, so blatantly? The man must be asking for death!' Emily thought, considering Tyron's chivalrous actions. Therefore, she was even more confident in her conclusion that Tyron was not a bad guy.

Jacob could not help feeling angry with Emily. "Tyron is Carol's nephew! Do you really believe that it was just coincidence that he met you? Obviously, they are getting close to you on purpose." Jacob even pinched Emily's cheek, trying to moderate his fury.

"Ouch! That hurts!" Emily quickly knitted her eyebrows and covered her face, staring at Jacob from between her fingers with her big, watery eyes as if they were complaining about his deeds.

"My mother has not seen me for a long ti

Beryl was really hungry and as she touched her empty belly it growled greedily, so she said, "Fine. Let's have dinner first and go to see grandma later."

"Rest assured, Beryl. Since you are such a cute and obedient little girl, grandma will recover soon." Feeling afraid that Beryl would continue thinking about it and become anxious again, Dylan held her hand and comforted her like a grown-up.

"Hump." Beryl nodded her head. But suddenly, she felt something was wrong and she pouted her mouth and stared at Dylan saying, "She is my grandma, not your grandma! I never said that I would go to see my grandma with you!"

Dylan was not angry at all and instead he lightly poked her cheek, smiling, and said, "Beryl, your grandma is just like my grandma."

"Bah! You are such a shameless guy!" Beryl's face flushed as she turned her face away in anger.

Seeing them like this, Emily pulled Jacob's sleeve quietly and winked while her eyes were full of love for the two children. "Jacob, just look at them. It seems that they will always grow up together, just like this."

"Yeah, right." Jacob held Emily in his arms and looked at the children with gentle amusement, as if they were shining with happy glory.

Worried about her grandma, Beryl quickly finished her meal and prepared to go to the hospital with Emily.

Unexpectedly, Jacob's phone rang, as he was about to send for the driver to take them to the hospital.

Jacob stared at the screen with anger for a while, since it was quite late, but finally he answered the phone.

"Mr. Jacob, Jessie has escaped."

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