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   Chapter 804 Did I Bring Much Trouble To You

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Emily could not help feeling nervous upon hearing what Jessie said. "What do you mean? What do you mean that the baby who the test was done with, is Jacob's own child?" she asked anxiously.

'We only have two children, Beryl and Bowen. So Jessie is suggesting that the one whose DNA was used to compare with Jacob is actually one of them?' Emily wondered, her mind spinning with the implications. Emily stared tightly at Jessie without any expression. However, her heart was strained, as anything which affected her children concerned her greatly.

"Well... yes..." Jessie had never thought that the once fragile Emily would become so serious at this moment. This sudden change frightened Jessie and she subconsciously took several steps back.

Seeing Jessie so terrified, Tyron clenched his fist quietly, thinking how to deal with what could happen next. He pretended to crack a joke to interrupt their talk, "Maybe Mr. Jacob has other children that we don't know of?"

"Shut up! Listen to her!" Jacob scorned Tyron with a cold voice and signaled Sam to restrain Jessie and stop her from running away.

Sam quickly blocked off Jessie's escape and said, "Ms. Jessie, which child is it who has done the test with Mr. Jacob?"

"It's... it's..." Pushed by everyone present, Jessie suddenly felt so dizzy and did not know what to do or say.

Suddenly, she remembered her best friend's advice. Jessie quickly closed her eyes and fell towards Sam, holding her head. "Ah... I feel so dizzy..." she said in a suddenly weak voice.

Jessie fell into Sam's arms, catching him off guard and he almost dropped her, which frightened Emily. "Jessie, Jessie! Are you okay?" she called anxiously.

No matter what Jessie had done, the baby in her belly was still innocent. Therefore, Emily did not wish for anything bad to happen to the baby.

She quickly turned to Tyron and urged, "Dr. Fang, come and check on her right now, please."

Tyron knew with certainty that Jessie was pretending to be fainted. 'So, it seems that you are not so stupid, right?' he thought, squinting at Jessie's act. However, Tyron obliged Emily and quickly stepped forward to check on Jessie.

Jessie pinched Tyron sneakily as a hint to him. Tyron thought for a while and

red at Emily numbly.

While Emily did not notice her distraction, she clasped her hand and said happily, "I said that I will go fetch Beryl with Jacob now and return with Beryl later."

Hearing what Emily said, Carol seemed reluctant to let go of her, though she said, "Then, hurry up, and go now. Don't worry about me. Tyron will come back here soon, so just go."

Emily did not notice her difference so she soon left the hospital with Jacob.

On the way to Beryl's school, Jacob thought of Carol's difference and could not help feeling uncomfortable with her strange behavior. He chose to ask, "Emily, did you notice that Carol was acting a little weird, just now?"

Jacob was watching from the side when Emily had spoken with Carol. He knew that they cared very much for each other, but he just felt something was weird for no reason, especially when Carol looked at Emily. Carol always became absent-minded then, as if she was looking for another person in Emily.

"Really? I didn't see anything wrong with mother." Not knowing why Jacob would say this, Emily looked at him with puzzlement.

Jacob knitted his brows and lightly pinched her nose, "Didn't you notice that Carol always seems absent-minded when we're there?"

Emily suddenly remembered Carol's difference when reminded by Jacob. She nodded her head and said, "Yeah, you are right. She always seems absent-minded recently. But maybe it's just because she has not seen me for a long time and she misses me very much?"

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