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   Chapter 803 Finally, She Confessed

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Thinking, Jessie felt distressed. Looking at the persons around her, she saw Tyron's encouraging look. She took a deep breath and said confidently, "That's impossible! I don't believe that! Mr. Jacob, I'm really carrying your child. How could I become pregnant without you?"

Biting her lower lip and not believing what Jacob said, Jessie stroked her five-month swollen belly.

On the other hand, Jacob already foresaw what Jessie would say. This made him ready for anything. Displeasure all over his face, he took the ligation report from Emily and threw it to Jessie.

"I know that you know very well whose baby you are carrying. So stop insisting that the baby is mine!"

Jacob held Emily into his arms and stared at her wide-opened eyes. "There is only one woman who will mother my children and be called their mother." Then, he turned to look at Jessie, straight into her eyes, and continued, "And, that is only Emily."

Full of conviction and a little bit harsh was Jacob's voice. But despite of that, Emily felt happy upon hearing it. Unconsciously, the corner of her mouth curved slightly upward, reflecting the happiness she felt inside.

Emily raised her face to look at Jacob, and then, turned to look at Jessie. She saw her hands trembled as she read the report.

"I don't know why you are after Jacob, Ms. Jessie. Now that you already know the ligation surgery happened five months ago, do you still insist that the child you're carrying is his?"

Though hurt by Emily's confident expression, Jessie did not say anything. Instead, she lowered her eyes to the report she was holding, to check for the second time its content.

Deep inside, she knew the report would never lie. This made her feel a bit dizzy. 'It's impossible for him to bear children now after undergoing the ligation surgery... What should I do? Should I stick to my claim?' Jessie quickly thought about the plan, not ready with the sudden turn of events.

At this moment, Tyron cleared his throat to butt in. "But why would the DNA test result show that Jacob is the father of the child? Perhaps, there is something wrong with both of the results?"

A sly look quickly flashed through his eyes as he touched his eyeglasses. Both Tyron and Jessie did not expect Jacob to undergo the ligation surgery. Luckily, Tyron got hold of Bowen's sample for the DNA test. This would bring out an accurate test result which would not give Jacob any reason to doubt.

This was not the first time Tyron quest

u," she continued. Apologetically, Jessie bowed to Emily and Jacob. She did not dare look at them, afraid to see their expressions. She turned around to get away as soon as she could.

However, it was not in Jacob's intention to let her get away so easily. He wanted to know why she told the truth herself. He squinted his eyes and sneered, "Really? The result showed the baby is mine. If we are not going to do the second testing, what will I do if you bring the baby back once born?"

Jessie was so relieved to tell the truth now. But she paled again when she was pushed so hard against the wall by Jacob. "No, no, no, no...! I assure you, the baby is not yours. Even if we do the second testing, it will yield a negative result. I guarantee you, I will not bring the child back to you again," she vowed.

"How could you be so sure of that? It was positive in the first DNA test."

Though he knew that the child was not his, Jacob still continued to question Jessie, pressuring her more, hoping to get more information from her.

Things did go the way Jacob wanted them. Jessie was so nervous that she told the truth about the DNA test. "The result showed that you are the father because the sample was taken from your own baby."

Listening to Jessie, Tyron frowned and shook his head slightly. He thought her stupid for telling the truth about the baby. But now, after divulging the truth about the DNA result, he didn't know what things would unfold and what he should do next...

'You have just proven that you can't do anything right! What a stupid bitch...' he scorned. After all, it was the only thing he could do: curse her in his mind.

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