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   Chapter 802 What A Failure

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7602

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After saying this, Tyron looked to Emily and said, "Emily, I know you are upset right now. We'd better give you some space, so that you can calm down and think about this."

Calm down? Everything would be ruined if she didn't act now!

Jacob didn't want Emily to leave like this, so he held her arm and said, "Emily, please trust me! I have absolutely nothing to do with her! Someone must have been using her to come between us!"

Emily asked hoarsely, "How can I trust you when the result of the paternity test is right before my eyes? Jacob, I do want to trust you, but these words have really hurt me deeply."

"The paternity test results could also be forged. We can't say for sure that no one has tampered with it, right? Give me a chance, and I'll prove my innocence," Jacob insisted.

"... Fine."

In her heart, Emily wanted to trust him, so she finally agreed.

A dark cloud floated across Tyron's eyes, but remembering that Jessie had Bowen's DNA sample, he felt somewhat relieved.

No matter how many times Jacob wanted to take the test, the results would still be the same. After all, Bowen was indeed his son.

Jacob was definitely going to have to hold the bag this time. He had to!

Jessie was now confident that as long as she could pass the paternity test, she would never have to worry about money again in the future.

Seeing all the exquisite luxuries which Emily was wearing and using, a fog of jealousy flashed across her greedy eyes.

With contempt filling his eyes, Jacob looked down at Jessie, as if she was nothing but a humble mole, and asked in a frigid tone, "Since you said that the child in your belly is mine, how old is it?"

Jessie answered hurriedly, "Five months. On that night five months ago, when you got drunk and..."

Seeing that she was about to fabricate some disgusting details, Jacob interrupted her immediately, "Enough, shut up. I don't want to hear any more of your made-up stories. Send for the doctor. We'll check how old the baby is then."

Emily frowned and thought, 'It is true that one night, five months ago, Jacob didn't come home and he never told me where he had been...'

Tyron found Jacob's behavior childish and funny, for no matter how old the baby was, as long as the DNA test said it w

cob finally let Tyron off, and said, "It seems that this woman is ready to bear the consequences of framing me. Wait and see, Emily."

Then he made a phone call to Sam.

In less than ten minutes, Sam arrived in a hurry with a brown paper envelope in his hand, which he respectfully handed to Jacob.

Jacob opened it, took out the document inside and handed it to Emily.

Emily accepted it doubtfully, but then her face filled with disbelief as she opened and read the document.

She looked at Jacob with large eyes and asked, "Jacob, is... Is this true?"

Jacob nodded and said, "Yes, five months ago."

It concerned the day on which Jessie claimed that they had a one-night stand.

Emily's face took on a mixture of complex expressions and for a while she didn't know what to say.

Tyron and Jessie felt their hearts lifted at the sight of her conflicting emotions and they desperately wanted to know what the document said.

Soon, Jacob satisfied their curiosity.

He said, "I didn't want Emily to get pregnant again and suffer. So five months ago, I had a vasectomy and I can never father another child in my life. Besides, for the first month after the operation, I couldn't make love. So how can I make you pregnant? Through airborne transmission?"

Jessie was utterly stupefied by this news, and after opening and closing her mouth she fell completely silent. How was this possible? How could he willingly go through such an operation? And how could he possibly go this far for a woman?

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