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   Chapter 801 She Is Just A Contemptible Scoundrel

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With a cold, soul-piercing voice, Jacob pointed his finger at her and said, "I'm giving you three seconds before I ask the security guards to take you away, so you'd better think about what you are going to say."

Jessie wiped the tears away from her face, trying to keep control of her emotions and said, "Mr. Jacob! I'm telling the truth! You must believe me! You are the father of the baby in my belly! I know that you have already have two children with Mrs. Gu, but my baby is also your baby!"

Jessie's gasping wails echoed as she cried hysterically like a person drained of all hope.

Meanwhile, unknown to them, the commotion had brought Emily outside the ward, who overheard their conversation and was shaking her head in disbelief.

"Jacob, what is she talking about...?"

"It's not true."

Jacob looked surprised to see Emily, but he wasn't concerned or worried by her presence, "You know me very well. I would never do such a thing."

Emily smiled and nodded her head, "I trust you."

Jessie wasn't aware of the understanding Jacob and Emily had for each other, so when she saw the chemistry between them, she fell to her knees and gave her best performance, "Mrs. Gu, I am so sorry... It's all my fault. Mr. Jacob doesn't like me. You are the only person he has ever loved. Even that night, he regarded me as you..."

With confidence, she spoke, making it sound like it really happened.

In fact, she was so convincing that even Jacob had a momentary lapse of skepticism, but deep down, he knew it was impossible. The thought of being with anyone else apart from Emily made him nauseous. How could he then sleep with that woman and impregnate her?

Jacob also believed that the woman would not have the courage to frame him on her own, unless someone else was involved.

So he glanced to the first person that popped into his head following that thought: Tyron. Tyron felt Jacob's eyes piercing him and he responded with a sharp glare.

The sights of two men collided as they engaged each other in a silent battle. Sparks flew immediately, with an intensity that was enough to set off an explosion.

Emily felt pity for the woman wallowing on the ground as she looked at her with concern and said, "Since you say that the child is Jacob's, you wouldn't mind to take a test, would you? It is possible to determine paternity during pregnancy and I am certain that the doctors here will be happy to help."

Much to Emily's surprise, even when she heard this, Jessie showed no signs of apprehension or nervousness. Instead, with her chin raised, she repl

wrong with you?"

Oblivious as to what had happened, Jacob looked at Emily's pale face and he felt a bad presentiment in his heart, "Is there something wrong with the report? That child isn't mine. Right?"

Emily threw the test results to his face and shouted, "Why don't you take a look at it yourself and tell me what's wrong with the report!"

Jacob carefully ran his eyes through every single word on the paper and soon after, his pupils shrank. Wide-eyed and shaking his head in disbelief, he said, "This is impossible! This can't be true! Either, there's been a mistake with the report or someone else is deliberately trying to frame me!"

Jessie chimed in, crying out loudly, "God has proven it! I am innocent! I would never dare to frame you, Mr. Jacob! The result is conclusive evidence that you are the father. You can't deny this child!"

Emily's face turned pale and she couldn't form proper thoughts in her mind.

Tyron, however, walked over to comfort her and sighed, "Since, the cat is out of the bag, I think you'd better take responsibility for that woman as well. Abortion is no longer an option as she's already on her third trimester. Abortion is safe, but like all medical procedures, there are risks. The chances of these risks increases the longer you're pregnant. You could lose both the mother and the child."

"Why do you always have to get involved in our private matters? Since you care about this woman so much, why don't you marry her?" Jacob snapped at Tyron.

A wicked grin quickly flashed through Tyron's face, but he hid it underneath a friendly facade and answered, "This isn't a joking matter. I was just giving you a piece of advice, Mr. Jacob. Why are you so mad at me?"

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