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   Chapter 799 Treat

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The sweet words Carol said touched Emily's heart. It reminded her of the way Debby and Andrew treated her in the past.

Back then, Emily would call home and tell her parents that she missed them. She would often tell them that she wanted to go back to visit them. Every single time that happened, they would turn down her request, saying that she should keep earning money with her job in the big city. Because of this, she had never heard things like "I miss you" from her parents, like they didn't even miss her at all.

Now, Emily finally heard such words of endearment. She sat down beside Carol and held her cold hands firmly. "Mom, don't worry. I'm never going to leave your side ever again. You'll recover soon. I'll be here with you the entire time," she said softly to Carol.

Giving a slight smile, Emily put Carol's hands against her cheek to warm them up. Her gaze never left Carol, as if she was afraid that her mom would disappear once she took her eyes off of her.

"Thank you, Emily," Carol said in a weak voice. "I know I'll be fine as long as I have you by my side." She felt blessed to have her daughter back.

For the next few minutes, the two kept chatting along. Eventually, Carol's voice got fainter and fainter, until she finally fell asleep.

"Mom? Can you hear me?" Emily asked, noticing that Carol hadn't been responding.

Standing up, Emily checked if Carol was doing okay. After seeing Carol's peaceful face and steady breath, Emily gently put Carol's hands back under the blanket.

Silence dawned in the ward, and Emily suddenly remembered that she hadn't asked for an excused leave yet. There was a lot of work waiting for her at the office, but she couldn't leave the hospital now as her mother needed her care. After a moment of thinking it over, Emily made up her mind and decided to do her work while she was at the hospital.

She called Joyce to explain her current situation, and then asked her to send over some files through email. In no time at all, she was fully immersed in her work as she stayed in the ward.

As she was going through a design draft, a knock at the door interrupted her. Taking her eyes off the screen, she walked over to the door and opened it. It was Tyron.

He smiled at her and walked in. He was in casual clothes today instead of his usual white hospital coat. "Is aunt asleep?" he whispered to Emily, careful not to wake Carol up.

Emily nodded and gestured out the door, implying that they should go outside to talk. Before leaving, she saved the files she was just viewing a while ago, and then tiptoed out of the ward.

"Emily, I feel relieved to see aunt be in a stable condition. But you look so tired. Why don't you go rest first? I'll watch over her in the meantime," Tyron said worriedly.

He closed the door carefully behind Emily and looked at her face. The bags under her eyes were deep and dark.

Tyron rushed to see Emily as soon as he finished his operation and changed into his usual clothes. He thought Emily must have stayed with her mom for a long time without any rest. Although he felt tired too, he wanted to share some of the burden with Emily.

Emily shook and looked at Tyron with her bloodshot and weary eyes. "T

to please me," Emily said.

This made Jacob feel a bit guilty, but his love for Emily was greater than ever. Wrapping his arms around her, Jacob tightly hugged Emily and kissed her forehead gently. "I will give you anything you want in this world," he said, his voice warm like honey. "My whole world belongs to you alone."

"Emmm, excuse me. This is hospital. I am afraid that it is inappropriate for you to behave like this here," Tyron warned. Jealousy flooded his mind when he saw the way Emily and Jacob talked with each other.

Ever since Jacob got here, all of Emily's attention was drawn to him. At that moment, Tyron felt like he was completely invisible.

If he had known this would happen, he would have asked Emily out to dinner earlier and she would've agreed. But all his plans were ruined by Jacob now. Still, he wasn't about to give up, and thought that he should find another chance to invite Emily.

He was confident that he would have plenty of opportunities to win Emily's attention as Emily would be staying at the hospital for a long time to accompany her mom. He would have more time to stay with Emily than Jacob. At this thought, Tyron took a deep breath and squeezed a smile.

Meanwhile, Jacob was looking closely at Tyron. He seemed to be angry at first, and then it looked as if he was plotting something in his head. "What's wrong with you?" asked Jacob, starting to get annoyed. "Do you think you have right to stop us like that? We're married, and we can do anything we like. If you feel uncomfortable, why don't you close your eyes?" Jacob asked sarcastically.

"I think you've gone quite far enough, Jacob," Tyron said through his teeth. He couldn't understand why Emily married such a bossy and assertive man!

Just then, a noise came from inside the ward. It seemed that Carol woke up. Emily hurried inside to check her mom.

"Get over yourself! She's my wife. We were just acting like any normal couple. Does that even really matter to you? Or are you just jealous?" Jacob asked with a triumphant smile. Then, he followed Emily to the ward. There, Tyron was left alone in the hall, standing numbly.

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