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   Chapter 797 You Two Are So Noisy!

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After Carol finished, her hands slowly slipped down from Emily's face. Through the misty veil that surround her eyes, Carol looked at Emily and imparting with a sweet smile she stepped into the comforting folds of darkness.

Suddenly, the shock unhinged Emily. The emptiness in her heart, the numbness pounding her brain, the shear nothingness that now took hold of her soul threatened to engulf her entirely. Motionless, she sat there, staring into the face of the woman whose face was turning pale.

Never in her wildest imaginations did she expect that the woman who only took her in as an adopted daughter a few years ago would willingly put her own life at risk to save hers, while the mother who raised her would only ask her for money and eventually betrayed her.

Why did Mrs. Lu do this? Why did Mrs. Lu treat her so well? Was Emily even deserving of such unconditional love?


Emily held Carol tightly as the pain in her heart came out with gasping wails of desperation. The salty tears that flowed unchecked from her eyes, fell on Carol's face.

Within minutes the air was filled with the familiar wail of ambulance sirens and rushed Mrs. Lu to the nearest hospital as fast as they could.

Even after the light in the operating room lit up, the shock in Emily's eyes was undeniable, plunging her into a whirlpool of fear and denial.

"Emily, don't worry. Auntie will be fine. You should have faith so that she will make it. And please, don't put too much pressure on yourself."

Tyron tried to comfort Emily with his words. Having seen the helplessness in her face as she stood outside the operating room, drained of all hope, he took her to sit on a chair.

"Are you sure? How can you be sure that she will be fine?" Emily refused to look away from the door of the operating room, even as her lips trembled and her shoulders heaved with emotion, unwilling to back down.

She cried until no more tears came, but still the emptiness and sorrow remained. Her swollen eyes and tear-soaked face was heartbreaking.

Tyron fought the urge to put his arms around her shoulders and hold her into his arms, as he was afraid of overstepping his bounds, so he drew his hands back.

He coughed once, clearing his throat and suggested, "Your hands don't look so good. You'd better go and ask the nurse to dress the wounds. I will stay here. Please don't worry."

Emily shook her head, dismissing his suggestion, "No! I am going to stay here for as long as it takes. When she comes out, the first person I want her to see, is me."

After what Mrs. Lu had done to save her life, there was no way Emily was going to leave her s

ike that. He was so furious that for the first minute he could only sputter inarticulately, eyes narrowed, rigid, cold, hard.

Frustrated by the two of them quarrelling with each other, Emily was at her wit's end, head about to split open. Putting her hands to her ears, she shouted, "Enough! You two need to quit your whining! If you can't act like civilized men, then you'd better get out of here!"

Immediately, the two men fell into silence, shooting each other angry stares. Jacob let out a light snort and opened the bottle to apply medicine on Emily's wounds.

When his finger touched her wound, Emily hissed and heaved as the pain stung her again. Her voice trembled and she bit her lip, "Jacob, please be gentle."

The sound of Emily's weakened voice was intolerable for Jacob. As a hint of discomfiture flashed through his eyes, he cast aside his dignity and arrogance to the wind. He knelt down to the floor and blew on her wounds to ease her pain.

"Sorry, let me blow on your wounds."

It never occurred to Tyron that Jacob, who was an insufferably arrogant man, would kneel in front of a woman to blow her wounds one day. Suffice it to say, he was taken by surprise to see this side of Jacob.

Suddenly, the light in the operating room went out and Emily sprang up quickly and spryly, gripped by a mixture of anticipation and dread.

"Doctor! Doctor, how is she? Is everything okay with my mother?" As the doctor came out from the operating room, Emily followed up immediately and asked in an anxious tone.

The doctor knew Tyron, so he nodded at him with a greeting at first. Then he replied to Emily, "The operation was quite successful, so there is nothing to worry about. But the patient needs to be taken good care of from now on."

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