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   Chapter 796 Who Is To Save Her

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8016

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Emily was lost in her own thoughts, not able to give any attention to the couple. While at the same moment, Carol couldn't hold back her excitement any more.

"Emily..." Carol said to her.

All of a sudden, Emily was shocked by the familiar voice. She opened her eyes wide, seeming that she couldn't believe her own ears.

"" Emily was too astounded to even finish the sentence.

They could only be Alfred and Carol, Sean and Cloris's biological parents.

But she had thought that they were still in D Country. What were they doing here?

Emily turned to Tyron subconsciously, "Tyron, what is going on..."

Tyron was quite guilty but he still pretended to also be surprised. "What's wrong? These are the relatives that I wanted to introduce to you..."

Before Emily could open her mouth to speak, Carol rushed over and gave her a huge hug. "Emily... No, Cloris... Mommy missed you so much. Finally, I have gotten the chance today..."

"No. I am not Cloris. I am simply Emily..." arguing with the implications of her words, Emily tried to break free from Carol's hug. "Auntie, what do you want?"

She used to call her mom, but now... Carol was heartbroken, for Emily had clearly changed. She cried out, "Emily, I am your mother! How can you call me auntie?"

"Cloris was your daughter, but not me..." Emily didn't want to be anyone else's substitute. All she wanted was to be herself, to be the real Emily.

Seeing that Carol had failed to control her emotion, Tyron was worried that she might accidentally hurt Emily, so he pulled Carol away. "Auntie, you have to calm down, or you will scare her away."

He signaled to Alfred, asking him to come over and help to control Carol.

"Auntie?" Emily finally came to her senses and figured out what was going on. She stared at Tyron with a perplexed look and asked, "She is your aunt? So you are Sean's cousin? How come I never met you before?"

Sensing her suspicions, Tyron felt his heart blocked up by cotton and it drove him crazy. "Probably it is because I had been studying abroad. Emily, I swear I didn't know that you were acquainted with each other..."

No trace of lying could be found from his innocent expression, and Emily couldn't tell truth from lies, but she suddenly figured all of it out.

No wonder Tyron had asked her for help. She never realized it before, but she had just returned to the sta

Forgetting about her own bruises and burning scrapes, she stared at the woman who had saved her life. Emily's eyes reddened, she scrambled to her feet, and ran over to Carol. "How are you... Why..." There was nothing else that Emily could say to Carol.

'Why did you save me, regardless of your own life?

Especially when I am not even your own daughter...

Why do you still show me such love?' Emily could only say the rest of the words to herself.

Lying on the ground, Carol spat out a mouthful of blood. But when she saw Emily approaching her, she forced a brave smile. "Emily, as long as you are safe, I am satisfied..."

Emily's tears cascaded down her scraped cheeks and she cried out then. A ragged sound which only a broken heart could produce, "Mom, you will be fine! You are going to be okay! Who can save her? Please! Call the ambulance!"

Tyron rushed over to Carol, and he was relieved to find that she wasn't in immediate danger. "Okay, I will call an ambulance right away. Emily, don't worry. There's no need to get so emotional... Auntie will be fine."

"Yeah, everything will be fine..." Emily said, but her eyes were glazed over with shock and concern. The horror of the accident had completely shaken Emily's calm, and she was greatly disturbed. Holding Carol's hand tightly, Emily seemed to suddenly be filled with a strange fear. "Why would you do something so silly? Why..." she said to Carol, and to herself.

Carol squeezed Emily's hand. Reaching out, she touched her face lightly. Smiling despite her pain, Carol whispered, "Because, you are my daughter..."

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