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   Chapter 795 No Turning Back

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 10067

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"I look like their daughter..." Emily muttered under her breath. At the moment, she felt something weird, although she couldn't tell what it was exactly. "How much do we look alike?" she asked Tyron.

Tyron thought for a while, pressing his lips into a fine line as he gazed at Emily. "I would say it's about a sixty percent match."

How could it be? Staring blankly, Emily was left speechless. At that moment, she thought of Cloris. It seemed that she looked like so many people! Did it mean that she's really just an average face? Emily didn't know whether she should feel sad or not.

Seeing that Emily fell into a deep silence, Tyron thought that she didn't want to push through. "Is my request too much to ask?" he asked, feeling a bit down, "You don't have to do it if you don't want to. It's okay." Despite this, Tyron still looked at her expectantly, hoping that she doesn't change her mind.

"Oh, no... no. Not at all," stammered Emily, breaking her train of thought. Seeing the look on Tyron's face, Emily felt the urge not to disappoint him. "I'm just going to pay them a visit, right?" she continued, mustering a small smile, "That doesn't sound too hard. Besides, it's my pleasure that I can do something to help you. I just have one question... Where are your relatives now?"

"They are living right in Jingshi City," answered Tyron, smiling from ear to ear upon hearing Emily's response.

"Well... Set a date for it then," Emily said cheerfully.

It was so easy for Emily to agree to his request that Tyron just couldn't believe it. He grabbed Emily's shoulders from excitement. "Really, Emily?" he exclaimed, eyes wide with surprise, "Did you really just say yes? Tell me that I'm not dreaming!"

His enthusiasm surprised Emily, however. "Well.. I don't see why not," she said, looking confused, "There's really nothing to it."

"It's just... I didn't think you'd..." Tyron stammered, running his fingers through his hair. Calming himself down, he straightened himself up and looked straight into her eyes. "Emily, thank you so much. Really. Thank you for your kindness."

The intensity of his gaze made Emily blush. "Really, it's nothing," Emily said, averting her gaze. "Besides, friends ought to help each other."

Seeing that Emily was so naive and so willing to help others, Tyron thought she was really cute, and he couldn't help but praise her more, "You're so nice. You're the most kind-hearted person I've ever met, Emily."

Unaware of Tyron's true feelings towards her, Emily thought what he said were just words of appreciation since she agreed to help him out. "You're a nice guy, too, Tyron," she replied politely with a smile.

Tyron just smiled back, although he felt a bit uneasy at Emily's words, for he knew in his heart that he wasn't a good person at all. 'If Emily found out the truth, would she hate me?

No! I don't want her to hate me! She will never know.

I will always fight to maintain my perfect image in her heart, ' Tyron thought firmly.

this, he started regretting that he promised the Lus that he would bring Emily here.

But now, there was no turning back. The only thing to do was move forward and hope for the best.

Tyron took Emily's things and led her into the villa.

Inside the house, the Lus had already been waiting for a long time. They were so excited to hear that Emily was going to visit them that they wanted to welcome her at the door. But Tyron had told them off beforehand, so they had to restrain their excitement and wait patiently in the house.

"What kind of people are they? You've never told me about them," Emily said casually. She was busy looking around the big house that she didn't notice that Tyron's face froze for a while in a shock when he heard this.

He pursed his lips and said, "You'll see. Sit here. They'll come downstairs soon."

"Okay then..." Emily sat on the plush sofa and waited quietly.

Tyron walked over across the room and got a blanket, putting it over Emily's legs in case she got cold. "What would you like to drink?" he asked her. "What about some fruits? I can go and peel some for you to eat. Do you want some? Are you hungry?"

"A cup of warm water would be nice. I'm not hungry yet. Thank you," Emily smiled and shook her head.

In no time at all, Tyron got her a cup of warm water and sat beside her.

Emily held the cup, trying to warm up her hands. After she finished drinking the water, she heard the sound of footsteps coming down the stairs. She looked in that direction, and saw a couple walking slowly downstairs.

'They must be the couple who lost their children.' Emily looked at them with sympathy. Any parent would know that a person's child meant the entire world for them.

Besides, Emily herself was a mother, so she really sympathized them. That was the reason why she promised to visit them without hesitation.

At the end of it all, she sincerely hoped that they would feel happy when they saw her, and that they wouldn't feel even sadder.

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