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   Chapter 794 How Could Every Man Like Me

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7830

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"I'm sorry but you are not the one I'm waiting for." Tyron did not give the beautiful woman even one chance and turned her down straight away.

The woman, who apparently had many ardent wooers due to her beauty, felt quite aggrieved by his arrogance. "Mister..."

"I'm sorry to be late. I was held up at work." A beautiful voice caught the woman's attention.

The woman noticed Tyron's eyes light up, all of a sudden. Taken by curiosity, she turned around and found Emily approaching the table, with long strides.

Emily had just arrived from work so she was still in her business attire. Her luscious, long hair tied back into a bun which revealed her slender and elegant neck. She had light make-up on, but her cheeks were a little reddish which indicated that she must have been in a hurry.

She seemed like the perfect combination of girl and lady, a quality which could attract men even without fancy dresses and heavy make-up.

Meanwhile, the woman stood there shocked, feeling both offended and jealous of being rejected by Tyron for a woman like Emily. Looking at Emily, contemptuously, she said, "Oh, so this is what you prefer? Frankly, I'm beginning to doubt your taste now. She is just so-so. It's unfortunate that a handsome man such as yourself has such bad taste in women!"

The woman felt humiliated so she lashed out at Emily. Immediately, Tyron stood up from his chair and shouted at the woman.

"Apologize to her, now!"

The anger in his eyes was undeniable and the coldness of his glare was enough to freeze the woman to death.

The woman did not expect Tyron to get so riled up all of sudden. Her knees started shaking when she met with Tyron's eyes. However, since backing out now would add more to her humiliation, even though, she knew that she was to blame, she insisted on being stubborn. "Why should I apologize? I'm just telling the truth! I will not apologize!"

Tyron quickly caught her wrist and pulled her to close as soon as she finished her words. The next second, the woman felt something sharp pointing at her waist. She lowered her head and saw something glimmering ominously under the light.

It was a sharp scalpel!

"I said, apologize to her now!" Tyron muttered under his breath, but loud enough for the woman to hear him, "Otherwise, I won't mind sending you this scalpel as a gift

't help being suspicious.

Seemingly troubled for quite a while, Emily could not help asking, "Tyron, do you... Why have you been treating me so nicely?"

She chose to take the path of least resistance.

Tyron's heart skipped a beat as he slightly squinted his eyes.

'Is she starting to suspect something?

Yes, perhaps she is. After all, love is something that cannot be hidden from the world. But, if I tell her the truth now, she will surely start to avoid me.

Moreover, Jacob is still a barrier that exists between us. Therefore, now it is not the right time to act, ' he plotted in his mind.

"Actually, I wanted to ask you for some help with something. But it's not easy to ask, so..." Tyron lowered his head out of shyness, "So I thought that it would be easier if we can be friends first."

Emily sighed a breath of relief. 'Ah! So that's it! Everything makes sense now.

I guess I'm glad to hear that. I don't know why I assumed he liked me? How could every man like me? Yeah, I should correct myself for thinking too much in the future.

I'm glad I didn't say anything or it would have been extremely awkward.'

"What do you need me to help you with? I'll try my best if I can," she said.

Tyron felt both relieved and upset to see her believe what he said so easily. However, he concealed all his emotions and said, "Well, my relatives lost their daughter in an unfortunate accident. I know it sounds strange, but you look exactly like their daughter so I was hoping that you would visit them just to comfort them for me..."

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