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   Chapter 793 Let's Do It Today

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7506

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After Emily hung up the phone, a hint of disconcertment lingered in her mind, but she quickly dismissed such thoughts and continued playing with Bowen.

As time passed, Emily had almost recovered. When she was able to walk properly, she found it difficult to contain her excitement to go back to work. It was clear that she really missed her job.

Although Jacob still hoped that Emily would rest for a few more days, he finally agreed to let her go back to work as long as she promised to keep him informed about her condition at all times and did whatever he wanted in the following week.

The day she had been patiently waiting for had finally come. It felt like it was her first day at work.

As soon as Emily arrived at the company, her colleagues and co-workers came to greet her, bearing gifts and cards that said 'Welcome back.' Although the gifts and cards weren't expensive, Emily kept them nice and safe in her office, having considered them as her colleague's care for her.

It was a lazy afternoon at work when the receptionist called Emily to sign for something.

Without putting much thought into it, Emily took the elevator downstairs. Walking straight to the reception desk, she found a beautiful bouquet of red roses waiting for her.

"Who are these from?" Puzzled, Emily raised her eye-brows and asked the receptionist, "Are you sure they're for me?"

"Yes." The receptionist nodded her head, "Director Emily, I'm sure they are for you. The sender also asked you to sign for it yourself."

Emily took over the flowers after signing her name. When she read the inscription on the card, the words sounded familiar to her but at the same time she couldn't think of anyone, either.

"There is no signature on the card..." Emily found it odd that someone would send her such an extravagant bouquet of flowers and not sign their name on the card.

The receptionist looked at Emily with admiration and said, "Maybe they are from Mr. Jacob. Everyone else in Jingshi City knows that you two love each other very much. Who else would dare to send you roses, besides Mr. Jacob?"

Emily also agreed with her line of reasoning, after all, who would dare to send her roses right under Jacob's nose? 'I bet these are from Ja

ey were curious as to the kind of girls Dr. Tyron would prefer...

Tyron knew nothing about this and he did not care about it, either. He was just ecstatic at the thought of Emily feeling happy to receive the roses. On top of that, he was going to have lunch with Emily.

Tyron secretly considered their appointment to be a date. He came back home early to carefully pick a suit and fix himself up before lunch time. He also wore a faint perfume hoping that Emily would like it.

'I have everything Jacob has, good-looks, talent, power, influence, social status and money... I'm no lesser than he is. How is it that he can find such a perfect girl like Emily, while I can't?'

Soon, it was time for lunch.

Tyron arrived at the restaurant, looking dashing in his tailored suit a bit early. Adjusting his tie and blazer, he sat at the table Emily had reserved for them, and waited for her.

Tyron's sharp and dapper look turned a lot of heads and attracted the women's attention around him. All the while, Tyron remained calm, nonchalantly ignoring all the ladies around him which made them covet him even more.

Soon, a beautiful woman came over to Tyron's table.

"Hi there, are you waiting for somebody?" she asked.

"Yes, is there something wrong?"

The more indifferent Tyron was, the more the woman felt drawn towards him. She flipped her long hair over her shoulder and said, "What a coincidence! I'm waiting for someone, too. The one I'm waiting for... is actually you."

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