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   Chapter 792 The Lu Couple

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"Whom hasn't your Mommy spoken to for a long time?"

said a voice from behind. It was Jacob. He heard what Beryl had said when he stepped into the door. A warm smile appeared on his face when he saw Beryl in Emily's arms.

"Ah! Daddy! Daddy you're back!"

With a jump of joy, Beryl dashed towards Jacob and flung her arms around him.

Jacob bent down and hugged Beryl. "Beryl, why are you so enthusiastic all of sudden?" he asked.

Beryl rubbed against his shoulder and slipped down from him. "I miss Uncle Sean! But I also miss Daddy a lot. That is why I'm so happy!"

Suddenly feeling shy, Beryl made a face and stuck out her tongue at Jacob. Then, she ran upstairs.

Looking at Beryl's back, Jacob's brows furrowed, "Uncle Sean?"

Striding towards Emily, he gave her a soft peck on the cheek and looked at her tenderly. "Why would you talk about him all of sudden?" he asked in a hushed.

Jacob did not want to think about the Lu family, let alone Sean. Whenever he thought about them, he would remember the days Emily wasn't in his life. Those times were the worst for him.

"It's all because of the chocolate you've sent to me. Beryl thought of him when she saw it," Emily murmured lazily, resting her head on Jacob's firm chest. She raised her hand to his hair and began twirling his locks around her finger.

It was such a pleasant feeling that Jacob couldn't help but let out a sigh. "I sent you the chocolate to make you happy, not so that you or Beryl would remember people like Sean."

'No one else can make you as happy as I can. Not Tyron, and definitely not Sean, ' he thought to himself bitterly.

"Wow, so domineering, huh?" Emily said, looking up at Jacob with a pout as she tugged on his hair.

One could not deny the fact that only Emily could pull on Jacob's hair like that without him getting irritated. Smiling softly, Jacob pulled Emily closer to him. "No matter how domineering I am, you still love me, don't you?"

His face was so close to hers that his warm breath tickled her cheeks. "What are you doing? Everyone is watching us..." she muttered, blushing deeply.

Hearing what Emily said, all the maids

ver the table.

'If that woman is Carol, then the man must be Alfred, right? Why did they come to Z Country?'

Suddenly, a terrible thought popped up in Jacob's head.

'Damn it! If that's really the Lu couple, why would they show up in the hospital where Emily stayed?' Jacob could not help but feel nervous.

"Sam, was there anyone else who came to visit Emily while I was on my business trip? Excluding the ones we already knew about," Jacob asked, his jaw tightening.

For a while, Same thought about it, and shook his head, "No, they're all the people we know."

'Great! Now that Emily had checked out from the hospital, nothing else would go wrong since she's still technically recovering at home.' At this thought, Jacob felt relieved. "Okay, you may go now," he ordered.

After Sam left, Jacob grabbed with phone and dialed for Emily's number.

The phone just kept on ringing for a while. He was about to hang up the phone and call again, when Emily finally answered.


The restlessness Jacob was feeling slowly went away upon hearing Emily's sweet voice, "Yeah, it's me. Emily, what are you doing right now?"

"Ah, I was playing with Bowen. That's why I wasn't able to answer your call at once. Aren't you working? Why did you call me all of a sudden?" asked Emily, one hand holding onto the phone, while the other held onto a toy to keep Bowen amused.

"Nothing. I just miss you all of sudden."

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