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   Chapter 791 Discharged

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7178

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'Tyron? Was that Tyron's voice?' Carol wondered.

Feeling a hand on her shoulder, Carol turned her head and saw Tyron wearing a white, doctor's coat. "What did you just say?" she asked in surprise, "Emily was discharged from hospital yesterday? But you said she would..."

Looking around at the curious nurses and patients, Carol drifted off. "Aunt and uncle, come with me to the office," Tyron said in a low, hushed voice.

"Alright," replied Carol, getting up without hesitation. They then followed Tyron in silence.

After they left, the nurse, who had talked with them before, walked over to her colleagues. "Ah, the two were Dr. Tyron's aunt and uncle. But why did they come to visit Emily instead?" she asked nosily.

"I don't know. Did Emily and Dr. Tyron know each other from before?"

"How is it possible? But, looking back at how Dr. Tyron treated Emily, it seems to me like they were quite strange... Not like a typical doctor-patient relationship."

"So why do you think that couple visited Emily?"

"I don't know..."

Meanwhile, Tyron, Carol and Alfred reached the office. Closing the door behind them, Tyron motioned Carol to sit down and offered them tea. "Aunt, didn't I tell you that I would arrange for you to meet Emily? Why did you sneak in by yourselves? If Jacob finds out you're here, you won't be able to take Emily away."

Carol took the tea he handed over and took off her mask. Her face was gloomy. "Your uncle and I really miss Cloris very much and want to see her face, to see Emily... Didn't you say there was a problem with Emily's injury? We just wanted to drop by for a couple of minutes, just to look at her. We were planning to leave soon after we saw her."

Holding the cup, Carol looked down at the tea. She had no appetite to drink it. Her eyes were red as tears started to form, her heart heavy with sadness and disappointment.

'We came from D Country to Z Country for Emily's sake. We haven't seen her for so long. What's the point of hiding in Tyron's house?' Carol couldn't help sighing in her heart.

"I know. I can understand how you feel. Don't be sad." Tyron felt a little sad f

servants to take down the chocolate from the festooned vehicle, and then she began to distribute the chocolate.

In the evening, when Beryl returned home, she saw that there were so many chocolates in the house. She immediately embraced Emily excitedly. "Mommy, why do we have so many chocolates?"

Smiling at her daughter, Emily broke a piece of chocolate and put it in Beryl's mouth. "They were from your father. Do you like them?" she asked, popping a piece inside her own mouth.

When the sweet and fragrant chocolate entered her mouth, Beryl's heart swelled with joy. She felt as if she was lying on a feathered bed. Squinting her eyes happily, she nodded her head eagerly. "I like it very much. This chocolate is delicious!

By the way, Mommy, I think this chocolate tastes the same as what we had at my uncle's home. I miss my Uncle Sean very much..." When Beryl saw the familiar chocolate box, she thought of Sean. She looked up at Emily with a sad look on her face.

Ever since they returned to Z Country, Beryl had never seen Sean again. Emily had not told Beryl about his death, so she still did not know that he had passed away.

When Beryl said that he missed his uncle, Emily was stunned. "Beryl, do you really miss him?"

"Yes, when can my uncle come to see us? It seems that you haven't even spoken to my uncle for a long time." Beryl held her head high and looked innocently at absent-mindedly Emily.

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