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   Chapter 790 We Want To See Her

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"Emily is my wife. Of course I will look after her. You don't have to worry about that," Jacob cut Tyron short with a remark which was intended for a snub.

Jacob's instincts were telling him that Tyron's interest in Emily went far beyond the professional standards of a doctor's responsibility to a patient.

"If you can protect Emily, then that will be the best. But if you can't, then of course I will have to help her as much as I can within the boundaries of my responsibilities," answered Tyron. Instead of snapping at Jacob, Tyron flashed him a sly grin to annoy him.

Although very subtle, Tyron's words carried an implication that Jacob was not capable of taking care of Emily. This was what angered Jacob even more.

'Perhaps If I hadn't gone abroad, Emily would not have been in this situation right now, ' Jacob's face demonstrated unease as his mind swam in remorseful thoughts.

However, the thought of Poppi soon replaced his remorse and triggered a violent rage within him. Folding his arms to his chest, he threatened contemptuously, "Mark my words, Tyron! Mind your own business and keep Poppi away from my wife, or else..."

No matter how neutral his face was, Jacob's eyes burned with an almost uncontrollable rage.

Indeed, Tyron cared about Poppi, as they had known each other for many years now. Although, he detested what she did to Emily, he did not want her to be punished by Jacob.

"Mr. Jacob, I assure you that Poppi's transgressions have been punished accordingly. Please spare her, out of mercy. There's no need to take sterner measures."

Jacob was surprised by Tyron's words and he narrowed his eyes in annoyance at him, "I wasn't aware that you had such a soft corner for her. I'm surprised that you're defending her treacherous actions."

Jacob's expression was flat edged with contempt. 'Even though he is a doctor, Tyron has the morals of a hyena. Emily would never respect this kind of a man.'

"Doctor Tyron, I'm sure I won't forgive her, but since you're insisting, I may really be able to ask my people to go easy on her."

Jacob reached out and patted Tyron on the shoulder, winking his eyes, with an undertone of condescension.

"Oh, and by the way, please tell her not to cross Emily or like the wrong person in the future."

Tyron understood what Jacob had meant. He knew that Jacob's words were meant to warn him from liking the wrong person, which in his case, would be Emi

y were members of the Lu family, it wouldn't be long before Emily would also discover their identity. That would be undesirable as it would hinder Tyron's plan.

Alfred nodded slightly and said, "It's him. Since he's here, Emily must be in the hospital now. I just asked the receptionist. The orthopedic VIP ward is on this floor."

"Well, let's look in one ward after another until we find her."

There was a glimmer of joy in Carol's eyes because she was looking forward to seeing Emily very much.

After all, seeing Emily was like seeing their own daughter.

Unfortunately, they had searched the entire floor and still failed to locate Emily.

"Alfred, did you make a mistake? Are we are searching on the wrong floor? Why is Emily not here?" Carol's head drooped with weariness.

Alfred looked puzzled and said, "No way, "I am sure they said this was the floor."

After a while, he suggested that they ask the nurse.

"Excuse me, we are here to visit a patient called Emily Bai. Do you which ward she is in right now?"

The nurse looked them up and down, "You're looking for Emily? What is your relationship with her?"

"We are her pa...relatives, and we've come to see her." Carol paused in the middle because she wanted to change the word "parents" into "relatives".

The nurse looked them in confusion, "Didn't she tell you that she has left hospital?"

"What? How is that possible?" Both Alfred and Carol were shocked.

"When did she leave the hospital?"

Just as the nurse opened her mouth to respond, she was interrupted by a man standing behind the couple.

"She was discharged yesterday."

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