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   Chapter 789 He Wasn't Worthy Of Her

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 10602

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Much had happened in the hospital while Jacob was abroad. When he returned, he couldn't quite keep up with the changes yet.

Emily's frail appearance as she left the hospital was rather worrying and Jacob felt the need to ask Sam about her condition in full detail. Things must not have gone so well while he was absent.

"I can't believe you. I specifically asked you to take good care of my wife before I left because I trusted you, Sam! How could you let me down?" he shouted at him after hearing his report.

In his anger, Jacob ended up pushing papers and other office supplies off the desk and onto the ground with a loud crash—a folder flew across Sam's face and scratched his sheet. The papers flew in the air, filling the silent tension between the two guys.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Gu! It's all my fault…I didn't do my job," Sam admitted in a shaky voice. Even though he wasn't to blame for the incident, Sam still felt somewhat responsible.

It all happened so suddenly that he didn't have enough time to relay the situation to Jacob. Since Emily stubbornly insisted on leaving the hospital, he couldn't exactly keep her against her will. Jacob's reaction was a rather unpleasant surprise—Sam didn't expect him to blame everything on him at the first sight of Emily's weak condition.

After the burst of fury, Jacob took some gasping breaths and let himself sit down on a chair. Closing his eyes, he leaned his palm against his brow as if it was all he could do to get rid of all the annoying things in the background. "I will give you one chance to make it up to me. Go and find whatever you can on the woman named Poppi Ye. I want to know why she did that to Emily," Jacob coldly requested.

"Damn it… She'd better pay a heavy price!" he suddenly explained.

As Jacob hit the desk with his fists, the heavy banging sound echoed in the room. At the very thought of the wicked woman, Jacob grew more and more furious. How could he ever bear the thought that someone laid a hand on his woman?

How dare that Poppi Ye hire a man to rape Emily? Son of a bitch… He would never let those bastards go.

The next day, Sam went to see to Jacob and reported his findings. "Mr. Gu, I've found Poppi's background. She's the youngest daughter of the Ye family. She should've known Doctor Fang since her childhood. According to the information I have, I…" With a pause, Sam looked at Jacob with inquiring eyes as if he wasn't sure if he should continue or not.

"Go ahead, I'm listening," Jacob demanded as he sensed Sam's hesitation.

"I heard that Poppi misunderstood the relationship between Doctor Fang and Mrs. Gu, so she…decided to get revenge on Mrs. Gu. I don't think it's what she thought. There's nothing between them…"Sam eagerly explained.

Barely finished talking, he heard a loud bang and saw as Jacob turned the table over out of rage. The rumor about Emily and Tyron drove Jacob to the edge as Sam expected.

After the peak of Jacob's temper passed, Jacob breathed in some fresh air and forced himself to calm down. Grasping the opportunity, Sam continued, "Mr. Gu, there's one more thing I need to report to you. Miss Ye has been sent abroad

. Without even glancing at Tyron, Jacob picked up a chocolate bar from the desk and rolled it between his fingers idly.

"Doctor Fang, how are you? Or maybe I should call you Master Fang, the heir of the Fang Group?" Jacob offered with a pretentious lightness.

Jacob's eyes, however, couldn't leave the chocolate he spotted in the office.

The chocolate was Emily's favorite kind. Jacob remembered that it was a limited edition product from D Country because it would only be released at its highest quality. Why did Tyron have it? Given the situation at hand, Jacob couldn't help but suspect the relationship between the two.

Of course, Tyron was clever enough to recognize Jacob's intentions from what he said.

Pushing up his glasses to the bridge of his nose, Tyron politely said, "Mr. Gu, you can call me Doctor Fang as I'm a practitioner in this hospital."

The man flashed a smile at Jacob, not showing any surprise when he knew that the other had searched his background. His smile and confidence utterly provoked Jacob.

"Doctor Fang, I Iearned that my wife was rather frightened because of you. I'm here to get an explanation," Jacob's cold voice pierced through him.

Standing up dangerously slowly, Jacob stared straight into Tyron's eyes as if he could swallow him whole.

From where he stood, Tyron could feel a strong air of threat and hostility from Jacob's eyes—the aura of superiority was overwhelming but he had to force himself not to submit to Jacob's pressure.

Putting on a calm face, Tyron cleared his throat, "I'm not responsible for what Miss Bai suffered that day. It was Poppi behind it and I have no relationship with her whatsoever."

"But I also feel a bit guilty about Miss Bai… I didn't protect her well enough. I hope she recovers as soon as possible," he added.

Clearly, Jacob got angrier and angrier as Tyron mentioned that he should have protected Emily, so he rushed to explain, "I mean, as a doctor, I have a duty to take good care of my patients. Miss Bai is my patient. I think it was the right thing to do to protect her when she was in danger."

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