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   Chapter 788 You Are The Cute One, Emily.

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"Doctor Fang, since I am going to leave the hospital today, I would like to treat you to a meal next time!" Seeing Tyron still remaining silent, Emily had no idea what was his intentions, so she decided to break the ice herself.

Tyron couldn't refuse her invitation without seeming rude, so he agreed just in case Emily became suspicious about his strange behavior. He asked, "Do you know that Poppi has already gotten her just deserts?"

Initially, he hadn't intended to tell Emily about such nasty things; however, after some thought, he decided that she had the right to know about it, but that it would be proper to ask her first.

After hearing Poppi's name, Emily couldn't help but furrow her elegantly shaped brows. Then her eyes took on a disgusted look as she asked, "What happened to her?"

When it came to the horrible woman who had tried several times to hurt Emily, she had no charitable feelings for her at all, but rather felt utterly disgusted when thinking of Poppi.

Tyron tried his best to describe the scandalous events in a graceful way, "After she tried to hurt you, she was raped by a cargo driver. However, the members of the Ye family were afraid that Jacob would seek revenge for what Poppi had done to you, so they have already sent her aboard. Don't worry. She can't harm you anymore."

After hearing this, Emily was shocked for a while. It had never even occurred to her that retribution would befall Poppi so soon, but she had a sudden suspicion and asked, "Doctor Fang, did you have anything to do with this?"

An unearthly light flashed through his dark eyes, but his expression stayed the same, then he replied, "Do you think as a doctor I could ever be capable of doing such things? Miss Bai, you may have over estimated my ability."

He didn't want Emily to find out about his true identity.

However, he also didn't want Emily to think that he was a man with a stone heart, either.

To Emily, he was a doctor, which meant that he was always saving other people's lives.

He was afraid that if she ever knew the truth, she would hate him for this and keep him at a distance. Then it would certainly be impossible for them to be friends.

Hearing his convincing denial, Emily immediately felt a great relief.

That was right. Although Tyron was a kind and responsible doctor, they were just recent acquaintances. Thus, it was impossible for him to have helped her like this.

"Anyway, I still wanted to thank you." Emily really appreciated him from the bottom of her heart. If it had not been for Tyron's help, she couldn't even have imagine what would have happened to her.

After hearing what Emily ha

all except Sam?" The more loudly Emily cried, the more aggrieved she felt, and soon her tears had wet through Jacob's white shirt with great streaks of sorrow. Tensions burst and she wept bitterly.

"Please don't cry. It is all my fault." Watching as she cried so sadly, Jacob's heart almost broke. He stroked her back softly and lowered his head to kiss away the tears from her face, then he continued, "I will never leave you from now on, okay?"

Sniffing loudly, she nodded and sobbed at the same time, "O... okay..." After Emily had cried for a while, she gradually calmed down. She felt a bit awkward after she realized her outburst was silly, but since Jacob was her husband, there was no need to be embarrassed. Then, slowly, she felt much more relaxed.

Besides, he had already seen all of her awkward moments. Would he mind to see one more?

"Honey, hug me." She seldom acted like a spoiled girl.

Jacob's heart melted suddenly, as he heard this. He hugged Emily as if she was a small baby cradled in his arms, then he coaxed her to sleep with a soft voice, "My sweetheart, I'm with you."

With the tension draining from her, Emily curled up into the arms of the man she loved and rubbed her face against his chest for a while. Breathing in the scent of his skin, she soon fell asleep to the sound of his steady heart beating in his strong chest. Finally, Emily felt safe.

Jacob quietly looked down at her sleeping face, and then he couldn't restrain the love in his heart anymore. So he softly kissed her lips and whispered next to her ear, as if he were swearing a vow, "Dear, I will never let anyone hurt you ever again."

His vow had a second unvoiced part for those who had done harm to Emily, 'I will find them one by one, and make them pay!'

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