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   Chapter 784 I Will Never Forgive You!

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8377

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A catastrophic plot was brewing in Poppi's mind and little did Emily know that the storm on the horizon was actually intended for her.

On that day, while Emily was going over the design draft for Dina in her ward, a sudden knock on the door caught her attention.

"Come in, please." Emily's eyes were glued to the design board as she carried on with her work without pause.

As the door pushed open, the maid peeked in and found Emily absorbed in her work. She stood outside, so as to not disturb Emily, but after hesitating for a while, she murmured, "Madam, I'm serve lunch for you..."

Emily finally broke away from her work and raised her head to look at the time. She was baffled to find that she had been working since early in the morning and now it was time for lunch.

"Fine, please come in," Emily answered, putting the design board away.

The maid was extremely nervous but she smiled confidently, masking her fear with a flawless facade. As a result, even Emily didn't find anything strange about the maid at first glance.

"The chef has prepared a variety of home-made dishes, all of which are your personal favorites. Please eat as much as you can, madam, so you can get well soon." One by one the maid opened the lunch boxes and spread them over the table as she spoke.

As soon as she opened the boxes, a rich aroma of food spread through the entire ward, filling up Emily's nose and arousing her appetite all of a sudden.

"It smells really good! In fact, I can easily say that these are all my favorite dishes just by the smell," said Emily, looking at the maid with a joyful expression, as she tidied up the table and rubbed her small hands in anticipation.

Having just realized that the person who had brought her food in was not a familiar face, a little frown appeared on Emily's eye-brows. "Who sent you here? Where is Lilian?"

Ever since Emily was admitted to the hospital, it was either Jacob or Sam who would bring food for her. Only on rare occasions when Sam couldn't make time, Lillian, the maid from their home would bring lunch for her. Then why was there a new face today?

The first person that popped into her head was Poppi and how she disguised herself as a nurse so that she could sneak into Emily's ward and give her an injection. Emily shuddered at the thought, feeling shivers up her spine. Emily sat up with an alert body posture but she maintained a calm attitude.

"Where is Sam? Does he have work in the company today?"


er voice a bit, "Madam, are you okay? Please don't frighten me..."

After thoroughly checking and making sure her job was done, a hint of relief appeared on her face. She quickly stretched out a hand to pat Emily's face and said, "Madam?"

When Emily did not wake up after the maid patted her face a few times, she took out her phone immediately and called a number on her phone.

The sound of a cautious female voice came through from the other side, "What's the update? Did you do it? Did she pass out? You'd better hurry up because I don't have the patience to wait any longer."

"I did it. I did it. She just passed out." The maid covered the receiver of her cellphone so as not to wake up Emily, and replied with a humble tone.

"Really? I'll be right over!" As soon as she hung up the call, the woman had a wild look in her eyes and her face was twisted up in excitement.

She was so excited she didn't even wait to hear the maid's response.

Soon after, the door of Emily's ward was pushed open by someone.

"Where is she?" Although disguised in a mask, the agitated feeling in Poppi's eyes was so obvious that it couldn't be restrained.

She was accompanied by an entourage of strongly built men, the sight of whom frightened the maid and she asked, "Miss Poppi, are you sure that she is just past out and there's nothing wrong with her?"

"There is nothing wrong with her!" Poppi's eyes glowed viciously with an intense glare following the success of her plan.


"Shut up!"

Before the maid could say anything, Poppi interrupted her abruptly. Poppi gave a hint to her subordinates and ordered, "Plug her mouth and tie her up."

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